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    15 TV Moments That Were Actually Kinda Toxic Now That I Watch Them Again

    Never trust a man who buys a house without telling you.

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community which TV moments were low-key toxic, and honestly, they weren't wrong. Here's what they said:

    1. On Parks and Recreation, when Ann broke up with Andy, and instead of moving out, he lived behind her house in a tent so he could "keep an eye on her."

    Andy saying he lives behind Anne's house so he can protect her from the "weird people" that live around their neighborhood, even though he's the one living in a giant ditch.

    "I get that it was a joke and all, but that’s a restraining order in real life."


    2. On Friends, when Ross lied to Rachel about getting their marriage annulled.

    Ross telling Rachel that he's actually not gonna annul their marriage even though she asked him to.

    "The list could go on and on, but basically most of the things Ross did."


    3. On Jane the Virgin, when Rafael acted like he was the victim when Jane chose to be with Michael, and then he repeatedly undermined their relationship.

    Rafael telling Jane the world doesn't revolve around her and blaming her for his breakup with Petra. Jane tells him that she didn't ruin it — he did "by not believing the woman he was dating." Then she tells him to stop twisting everything.
    The CW

    "He may have changed later on but doesn’t change his behavior during the first couple years of the series."


    4. On Glee, when Rachel cheated on Finn with his best friend, because Finn had slept with someone else way before he even started dating Rachel.

    Finn telling Rachel he never thought she was mean. She responds by saying she thinks her sleeping with someone else cancels out what he did, but Finn says it doesn't because he never cheated on her.

    Suggested by: 25fossop

    5. On Grey's Anatomy, when Derek dated Nurse Rose because he wanted to make Meredith jealous.

    Meredith and Derek having a fight in the hospital. She found out about him kissing a nurse named Rose after he'd told Meredith he was building their dream house.

    Suggested by: katie2117union

    6. On Gilmore Girls, when Dean cheated on his wife, slept with Rory, and blamed everyone but himself for ending his marriage.

    The WB

    "So much for a great guy."


    7. On How I Met Your Mother, when Ted lied about being in love with Robin and ruined his healthiest relationship because of it.


    "Not cool, Ted."


    8. On Brooklyn Nine-Nine, when Amy demanded that Jake decide on the spot if he wanted to have kids with her, even after they never had this conversation once before they got married.

    Amy starting a debate with Jake about why she thinks that they should have kids, even though he is still unsure.

    "I get her reasoning, that she can’t afford for him to change his mind in 20 years because she has a biological clock ticking...but telling him on the spot (especially not discussing it before they got married) that he had to decide right then and there just didn’t sit right with me."


    9. On The Office, when Jim made the huge financial decision to buy a house and never once consulted his wife, Pam.

    Jim telling Pam he bought her a house and Pam standing in awe.

    "Half of Jim’s antics are pretty toxic, and he definitely wouldn’t be a pleasant person in real life to ever deal with."


    10. On Sex and the City, when Carrie guilted her newly divorced friend Charlotte into giving her an old engagement ring just so Carrie could pawn it, buy her apartment, and never pay Charlotte back.

    Charlotte handing Carrie her old engagement ring.

    Suggested by: katelynb497f182f3

    11. On The Mindy Project, when Mindy refused to prescribe a teenage patient birth control until she got to meet the prospective boy first.

    Mindy refusing to give a teen patient birth control because even though she knows her, she doesn't know her boyfriend. So, she demands to meet him.

    Suggested by: rparkerilm

    12. On Riverdale, when Alice revealed she read Betty's diary and found birth control during a search through Betty's room, then proceeded to slut-shame her, proving she has no boundaries.

    Alice telling a therapist that she read Betty's diary, and Betty responds saying, "She has no boundaries, no emotional respect. none."
    The CW

    Suggested by: zas1

    13. On Shameless, when Debbie decided to get pregnant on purpose because she "knew what" she wanted.

    Debbie told her sister that she lied to her boyfriend about being on the pill because "she knows what she wants" and got pregnant

    "Debbie stopped taking birth control and started lying to Derek because she 'knew what' she wanted. She even got excited when she thought Fiona was pregnant, because that meant they could raise their babies together."

    Sarah Wainschel

    14. On Boy Meets World, when Cory allowed Topanga to turn down a scholarship to Yale just so she could be with him at a community college.

    Topanga telling Cory that he's the reason she won't go to Yale and asks him to marry her during their high school graduation

    "Topanga was so smart and practical, but this was a severe lack of judgment that never should have happened. She knew better than to uproot her whole life and put her dreams aside so she could be with a boy at community college."

    Kayla Yandoli

    15. And finally, on The Office, when Michael tells the Scott's Tots students that he actually can't pay their college tuition.

    Michael Scott telling a classroom of teens that he cannot pay for their tuition after he promised it to them ten years prior.

    "When I think of cringey TV moments, this is what I think of. It's so bad."


    Note: Responses have been edited for length and clarity.

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