Anne Hathaway Is Starring In A New Rom-Com Inspired By Harry Styles Fanfic, And The Trailer JUST Dropped

    Anne Hathaway stars as a 40-year-old single mom who falls for a super hot 24-year-old British boy bander played by Nicholas Galitzine. Oh, I'm so sat.

    The first trailer for Prime Video's upcoming movie, The Idea of You, just dropped, and, oh boy, I literally cannot contain my excitement.

    Movie poster for "The Idea of You" showing Anne Hathaway and Nicholas Galitzine cuddling and smiling

    And as someone who absolutely *lives* for book-to-screen adaptations, lemme tell you all about this movie.

    Anne and Nicholas walking hand in hand at night in a waterfront scene from the movie

    The Idea of You follows Solène (Anne Hathaway), a 40-year-old single mother who becomes romantically involved with Hayes Campbell (Nicholas Galitzine), a massively famous 24-year-old British boybander, after they meet at Coachella. The film revolves around their whirlwind romance as Solène tries to find a place for Hayes in her life and learns to handle her sudden fame.

    Solène and Hayes looking at each other as they stand in a room

    It's giving old-school 2013 Wattpad fanfic in the best way. And Robinne Lee, who wrote the 2017 novel that inspired the movie, even confirmed that Harry Styles was part of the inspiration for the character Hayes.

    Hayes on stage during a concert extending hand with a screen projecting him for the audience

    So now that you've got the basic gist of the movie, let's move on to the trailer. We open with Solène and Hayes walking arm and arm down the street, both wearing sunglasses to be discreet, of course.

    And then we're brought to a scene where Solène reveals to friends that the unlikely pair first met at Coachella.

    Solène lying on Hayes's lap, both smiling, as they lounge outside

    Flashback to their meeting at Coachella.

    Hayes tells Solène that he's a part of a band when she walks into his trailer

    And then Hayes literally mentions her onstage during his band's Coachella set and then he sings right TO HER in the audience.

    he sings on stage while she's in the crowd

    It's a magical moment.

    Split screen of two movie scenes, top with a man smiling, bottom with two women looking up

    And, of course, there are angsty moments because she's "too old" for him.

    Solène whispers "I'm too old for you," and Hayes replies "No, you're not"

    It gets steamy, and cute, and is basially everything I want in my "celebrity falls in love with a normal person" romance movies.

    Three separate scenes from the film: a text message on a phone, the couple close-up about to kiss, and the couple laughing on a beach

    But then the press gets involved and things get messy.

    Top: Tablet screen with celebrity gossip headline. Middle: Solène says she didn't know her happiness would upset people. Bottom: Another woman says she warned her

    And because Hayes is in a fictional boy band called August Moon, the trailer is obviously underscored by an original August Moon song.

    Hayes in recording studio singing into microphone

    Like, these two got me literally kicking my feet and twirling my hair just from ONE two-minute trailer!!!!

    Two scenes from a movie: Top image shows Solène and Hayes bike riding, the bottom image depicts them sharing a kiss

    Watch the full trailer here:

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    The Idea of You begins streaming on Prime Video on May 2.