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    25 Behind-The-Scenes Photos Of The "Outer Banks" Cast That Prove They're Just As Cool As You Thought

    Pogues 4 ever!

    1. This iconic selfie of the *coolest* Pogues in all of the Outer Banks:

    2. This shot of Chase Stokes, Jonathan "J.D." Daviss, Rudy Pankow, and Madison Bailey taking a well-deserved break from their Pogue shenanigans:

    3. This cuddly pic of the ~banks bois~, aka Drew Starkey, Austin North, Rudy, J.D., and Chase:

    4. This photo of Madelyn Cline and Madison Bailey — aka Maddie squared:

    5. This Kook-tastic photo of Austin, Drew, and Deion Smith:

    6. This freakin' adorable father-daughter selfie that even Ward Cameron would approve of:

    7. This incredible pic of Rudy living his best life in J.J.'s hot tub:

    8. This super-silly shot of Chase and J.D. and their french fry tusks:

    9. This shot of the Pogues sitting in their very profesh Outer Banks chairs:

    10. This silly shot of Rudy being adorable as ever:

    11. This adorable shot of the cast on their dinner break:

    12. This photo of Maddie, Chase, and their shipwreck:

    13. This modelesque photo of J.D. and Rudy that belongs inside Abercrombie and Fitch:

    14. This shot of the Pogues looking like they're on their way to commit some major tomfoolery:

    15. This ~super cool~ photo of Chase just hangin' out in John B.'s van:

    16. This hilarious pic of mermaid Rudy and one of the show's creators, Jonas Pate:

    17. This shot of J.D. and Maddie channeling their inner Jack and Rose:

    18. And this photo of J.D. and Maddie showing off their killer dance skills:

    19. This cast selfie that I majorly wish I got to be a part of:

    20. This super-adorable photo of Maddie and Rudy that just PROVES why Kie and J.J. should be endgame:

    21. This photo of Austin, Chase, and Chase's Cheez-Its:

    22. This cast pic that proves Pogues and Kooks CAN be friends:

    23. This pic of Maddie squared being the world's favorite frenemies:

    24. This shot of the crew living their best lives on the HMS Pogue:

    25. And finally, this shot of the Pogues that just proves no other fictional friend group could ever compare: