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27 Behind-The-Scenes Facts About "Barbie" That You Probably Didn't Know, But Definitely Should

Margot instituted a dress code where everyone had to wear pink one day out of the week, and if someone wasn't wearing the color, she'd go around and collect a fine that would be donated to charity.

Barbie made its triumphant debut in theaters this past weekend, and people, myself included, are absolutely looooooving it.

Margot Robbie in "Barbie"

And in honor of the movie's release, here are 27 of the coolest and most interesting secrets that went into making it:

🚨Warning: There are MASSIVE spoilers ahead for Barbie.🚨

1. Barbie grossed over $162m during its first weekend, which is currently the biggest domestic opening weekend for a movie released in 2023 and the biggest opening for a female director ever.

Greta Gerwig and the cast of "Barbie"

2. Those are actually Margot Robbie's feet in Barbie's infamous arched feet scene. "I walked up. We had little sticky bits on the floor. Like, double-sided tape for the shoes so I could get my feet out of them," she explained. "And I was holding on to, like, a bar. I wasn't [in] a harness or anything like that. I just walked up, kind of held on to the bar above camera."

Screenshots from "Barbie"

3. After Ryan Gosling was offered the role of Ken, he took a second to think about it and walked out into his backyard to coincidentally find a Ken doll "face down in the mud next to a squished lemon." He immediately texted the photo to Greta, saying, "I shall be your Ken. For his story must be told."

A Ken doll in the dirt

4. At the time of filming, Fast X was shooting on a soundstage just across the street from the Barbie set. One day, John Cena ran into his former The Suicide Squad costar Margot Robbie and asked, "Hey, would you guys be willing to have me if I could do something?" Then, he immediately got cast as a merman Ken, aka Kenmaid.

Closeup of John Cena as merman Ken

5. Amy Schumer was originally cast to play Barbie during the very early stages of the movie. She revealed that she ended up leaving the movie due to "creative differences."

Closeup of Amy Schumer

6. Gal Gadot was almost going to play a Barbie alongside Margot Robbie, but because of a scheduling conflict, she couldn't be in the movie.

Closeup of Gal Gadot

7. Ryan Gosling actually came up with the idea for Ken's Calvin Klein-inspired Ken-branded underwear. The costume designer "rushed" to make them after a late fitting so that he could wear them in the movie.

Closeup of Ken

8. America Ferrera revealed that she filmed "30–50" takes of her big monologue over two days. Ariana Greenblatt, who plays America's daughter in the movie, could recite the entire monologue herself by the time they wrapped that scene.

Screenshot from "Barbie"

9. The movie's production actually emptied a company's worldwide supply of bright pink paint. The vice president of Rosco, the paint company, said that while during the pandemic, there already was a shortage of paint, "[The Barbie movie] did clean us out on paint."

Screenshot from "Barbie"

10. Since Barbie was invented in 1959, a lot of Barbie Land was created with that specific '50s style in mind.

Barbie Land

11. Because the Barbie Land set was so extravagant — and I mean, just look at it — friends filming at other soundstages frequently came to visit to see what it looked like. The cast of Fast X was among those stopping by.

Screenshot from "Barbie"

12. The set design team built an entire mini replica of Barbie Land before building the life-size version that we see in the movie.

A mini Barbie Land

13. Greta said she had to fight to keep the scene in the Real World where Barbie sees an older woman on a bench and tells her she's beautiful.

Screenshots from "Barbie"

14. Greta also explained that she wanted to end the movie with a "mic drop" and felt like Barbie's final line, "I'm here to see my gynecologist," was funny, but emotional at the same time.

Screenshot from "Barbie"

15. Early on in the process of making the movie, Margot met with Mattel, the company that produces Barbie, to get them on board with the movie's themes and jokes.

Greta on the set of "Barbie"

16. Barbie's pink Corvette is drivable, but not by the person in the front seat. An operator drove the car remotely using a VR headset, that way Margot could sing and dance as much as she wanted without worrying about driving, too.

Behind the scenes of "Barbie"

17. Richard Dickson, Mattel president and COO, even flew to Barbie's filming location in London because of a scene he felt was off-brand for the company. Margot and Greta had to reenact it for him so he would change his mind.

Behind the scenes of "Barbie"

18. Margot hosted a sleepover for all the Barbies before filming started. The Kens were invited to stop by or call, but they weren't invited to stay overnight.

Screenshot from "Barbie"

19. Margot instituted a dress code where everyone had to wear pink one day out of the week, and if someone wasn't wearing the color, she'd go around and collect a fine that would be donated to charity.

Behind the scenes of "Barbie"

20. A lot of Barbie's clothes were made by costume designer Jacqueline Durran, but anything she didn't make was Chanel.

The Barbie costumes

21. Simu Liu waxed his entire body to play Ken, “Waxing has been an education to say the least,” he said. “It was one of the most painful experiences of my life. I have such a newfound admiration for the incredibly brave women who go through this on a monthly basis.”

Closeup of Simu Liu in "Barbie"

22. Emma Mackey was originally cast in the movie because Margot and Greta really wanted to make a joke about how Emma and Margot look alike. But once they got into costume, they realized they didn't look too similar anymore, so the joke got cut.

23. Margot left presents for Ryan every day of filming, and they were all beach related, because Ken's job is beach, of course.

Screenshot from "Barbie"

24. Greta gifted Michael Cera a picture disc of NSYNC’s No Strings Attached, which is even more special now knowing that in the movie his character explains that all of NSYNC were actually Allans.

Closeup of Allan

25. Greta Gerwig said that Ken's fascination with horses stemmed from his confusion about the concept as a whole. In Ken's mind, he thinks the horses are running the show.

Behind the scenes of "Barbie"

26. During the movie's promotion cycle, several Barbie collabs came out including a bookable Barbie Dreamhouse Airbnb, Barbie-themed XBox controllers, a $1,350 Balmain cropped hoodie, and SO much more. The marketing budget is estimated to be over $150 million.

Barbie products

27. And finally, Margot begged Greta to incorporate Aqua's iconic "Barbie Girl," which led to the remix of the song by Nicki Minaj and Ice Spice.

Nicki Minaj and Ice Spice

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"Ryan Gosling as Ken could run me over with Barbie's car and I would thank him."