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    • lauraborealis

      Huh? She came right out and said her relationship with their dad was a “train ride through hell”—we’re on the outside looking in, so who knows what she went through? Just because two people are able to make a baby doesn’t automatically make them suitable parents. She recognized that she wouldn’t be able to provide for them/give them the life she felt they deserved, so she did what she felt was best for THEM. Do you honestly think this was an easy decision for her? Maybe instead of making snap judgments based on a 6 minute video and assuming she “chose to have another kid knowing she wanted to give up others”, have some compassion. You have no idea what she might have gone through. And it seems to me that everything worked out really nicely for them—they didn’t get lost in the system or bounce around between foster families—they weren’t even split up! They were adopted TOGETHER, raised by what sounds like a really lovely family, and appear to be pretty well-adjusted adults. Can’t we just consider that a victory in itself and high five everyone involved? Sheesh.

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