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This Little Girl Telling Off A Sexist Gaston At Disney World Is So Badass

"YOU'RE not marrying Belle," she shouts at him in the adorable clip.

During a trip to Disney World, a little girl named Isabella decided to tell off the very sexist villain Gaston, of Beauty and the Beast, and a video of the cute moment has gone viral.

Since being posted by YouTube user JonahAlmostFamous on Nov. 9, the video has gotten over 1.3 million views.

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Isabella stands up for Belle, who Gaston says he is going to marry, telling him that there's no way in hell she will ever marry him.

The actor convincingly playing Gaston pulls out all of his most sexist quips, saying, "I don't know where this girl came from, but somebody needs to put her back in the kitchen where she belongs right now."

He adds, "Go do what you're meant to do in life. No more thinking for you, you've already done enough of that."

And when Isabella poses for a picture with him, he gets in one more dig, saying, "smile like you're making me a sandwich."

But Isabella, mini-feminist that she is, will have none of it.

"YOU'RE not marrying Belle," she says again without flinching. "You are never, ever, ever, ever!"

"Forever ever?" he replies tearfully.

The girl also reminds him that the Beast is a prince, and tells Gaston he's going to fight him.

Finally, Gaston admits defeat. "I've been outdone by a girl," he says. "A short one."

Way to go, Isabella!