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    Julia Fox Rocked A Nearly Naked Look At New York Fashion Week, And She Says People Weren't Happy About It

    "There were a lot of haters, being like, 'This is unacceptable. This is setting such a bad example.'"

    If there's one thing about Julia Fox that everyone can agree on, it's that she loves to rock looks that get people talking.

    A closeup of Julia Fox in a shredded Iris van Herpen dress

    Remember when she wore a top made out of condoms?

    Julia Fox walking outside in a tube top made of condoms in their transparent wrappers and a mini skirt

    Or this outfit that was actually just a bunch of ties?

    Julia Fox walking down a sidewalk in a top made out of ties, a leather mini skirt, and a blazer

    Julia's also been as notorious for what she doesn't wear as what she does. Like when she went grocery shopping in her underwear...

    Julia Fox wearing a long jean jacket over her underwear in the parking lot. She's also wearing pointed slouched boots

    Or when she wore a see-through dress that looked like melted Saran Wrap.

    A closeup of Julia Fox in the mini dress

    When it comes to not wearing clothes, though, Julia's latest head-turning look really took things to a new level.

    Julia Fox wearing a long leather jacket over a mini skirt and bralette made of watches

    OK, so — here's Julia wearing a Pretty Little Thing trench coat at an event for the fashion brand. Normal stuff, right?

    julia in a tied leather jacket

    Well, here's what she was wearing under the trench coat.

    julia wearing thin silver underwear and bra made of metal

    Yup, that's the whole look — essentially just a few carefully placed chains and medallions, doing a lot of work while covering up very little.

    closeup of the look with chains covering hardly anything

    The look was, in typical Julia Fox fashion, a lot — and as she recently told Entertainment Tonight, not everyone was a fan.

    julia posing in the look with her hand on her hips

    "I got in trouble for that one," she admitted. "There were a lot of haters, being like, 'This is unacceptable. This is setting such a bad example.'"

    julia walking out of the event with her trench coat tied

    "But, it's like, 'Why?' It's just my body."

    A closeup of julia

    "Is my body, like, ugly?" she continued. "Is my body a crime? Did my body slap your grandma?"

    julia walking down the street in the look with the trench coat open

    "The way that they were acting, it was like, What the heck!"

    julia posing in the street with the jacket open

    Fair enough!

    A closeup of julia in a mini skirt and corset top