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Julia Fox Showed Up To The New York Fashion Week Red Carpet In A Totally See-Through Dress With Saran Wrap Heels

Julia debuted another risky look, proving that she's always wearing outfits that get people talking.

New York Fashion Week is in full swing, and Julia Fox is already turning heads.

close up of julia

At this point, the model and actor is known for her daring style looks — and her appearance at a Harper's Bazaar event this weekend was no exception.

close up of julia

Julia hit the carpet in a totally see-through dress that looked like melted Saran Wrap, with accessories to match.

julia in the seran wrap dress that has hooks that looks like shower curtain hooks

That's right — her handbag and heels seemed to be coated in the stuff, and it looks like her lower legs were wrapped up tight too.

the seran wrap material going up to her knees

According to Harper's, the dress was designed by Joanna Prazmo — and the accessories were a result of some last-minute thinking on Julia's part.

close up of julia in the dress and holding a seran wrap clutch

Julia told the publication that she "made" the "cellophane-saran-wrap-ified" bag and shoes about an hour before showing up to the event.

This is but the latest out-there style move from Julia. You probably remember when she wore a latex-and-metal-rings "dress" on the streets of Los Angeles last month...

julia in the barely- there dress

And, of course, when she went grocery shopping in her underwear.

julia in the parking lot wearing a long denim jacket over her underwear

What will her next look be? Guess we'll have to wait and see...

julia walking in her seran wrap dress