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Julia Fox's Latest Risky Look Is A Top Made Out Of Condoms, And It Has To Be Seen To Be Believed

Julia's back with another outrageous and conversation-starting look, and it's far from her first time.

Another day, another outrageous fashion statement from Julia Fox.

closeup of jonathan

The model is known for her head-turning outfits — and, folks, I am here to announce that Julia Fox has out-Foxed herself yet again.

closeup of jonathan in a two piece underwear and bra set

Julia recently went for a walk in Los Angeles wearing a tube top that was covered — and I mean absolutely covered — in condoms.

condom top and mini skirt

She also accessorized with a bag and boots that were prophylactically enhanced to the max.

boots and bags made of condoms

Check out the gloves too — they also look like they're made of condom-y latex.

Incredibly, this isn't even the only extreme look that Julia's pulled off this week.

closeup of julia in the outfit

She also stepped out wearing an outfit made entirely of ties.

blazer and ties with a mini skirt

Yes, you read that right — an outfit pretty much just covered in neckties.

julia walking in the outfit

The question is, which look is better? Is her condom top "all wrapped up," or would you rather Julia be "fit to be tied"? Let us know in the comments...