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    Dan Levy Revealed Who Really Started The "SNL" Dressing Room Note Trend

    "I feel the need to clarify this."

    You know Dan Levy.

    Dan Levy at the 2020 Vanity Fair Oscar Party

    When the Schitt's Creek star hosted Saturday Night Live last month, he left a sweet message for Regina King, the following week's host — and he started a little SNL tradition as a result.

    Regina King taking a picture of the note that Dan Levy left for her at Saturday Night Live

    While Levy may have kick-started the trend, he recently revealed to Today that he wasn't the first SNL host to leave next week's host a nice note.

    “I feel the need to clarify this,” he said before explaining that he “kind of continued” what he already saw as an existing tradition.

    Levy explained that he was inspired to leave King a note after seeing a note in the dressing room that Woody Harrelson had left for Phoebe Waller-Bridge last year.

    “So I asked if I could leave a note for Regina because the process is such a strange experience,” he said.

    “[A] strange, wonderful, and intimidating experience that, like, a little note from the person that had just done it felt like such a sweet vote of confidence.”

    And the tradition has continued, with King leaving a note for Bridgerton star Regé-Jean Page...

    Regé-Jean Page looking at the note that Regina King left him at Saturday Night Live

    ...and Page leaving a note for Nick Jonas.

    Nick Jonas looking at the note Regé-Jean Page left him at Saturday Night Live

    We'll see if future SNL hosts keep the trend going too.