We Tried The Teeth Whitener Every Celebrity Uses On Instagram

    WWKD? (What Would Kim Do)

    Celebrities! They're just like us. Except that they get paid to hold weird lights up to their teeth on Instagram.

    Lara and Nina here, and we freakin' love doing things celebs do, so when it came to trying this weird blue light teeth whitening contraption, we didn't even hesitate.

    To use this kit, you first have to mold mouth pieces to fit your teeth.

    You do this by dropping the mouth pieces in boiling water and then biting down on them while they're still hot to mold to your mouth.

    Once the molds are ready, you put the gel from the syringe onto them and place the molds in your mouth. Then you turn the light on, place that in your mouth and chill for about 15 minutes.

    The company recommends using the product for 10-14 days, and advises not to have the light on your teeth for over 30 minutes.

    Lara's Experience:

    This thing was annoying, in all honesty. I ended up only using the damn thing three times because it made my teeth SO DANG SENSITIVE. It hurt to drink water after using it, so if you think you might have sensitive teeth, don't use it. I also just didn't like putting the gel on my teeth and putting this dang light up to my mouth for 15 minutes every day. Ultimately, I don't think it made any difference. Maybe if I had used it more than just three times I would've noticed a difference, but my teeth enamel is more important to me. All in all, I liked using it for the selfies, hated using it for everything else, and I don't think it actually works the way it claims it will. I'll stick to my whitening toothpaste.

    Lara's teeth before and after:

    Nina's experience:

    I will be the first person to admit my teeth are gross. In my teenage years I wasn't very good at taking care of my teeth and once I got my braces out I didn't see a dentist for seven years until I needed a root canal. Oops. So I was really banking on this teeth whitener to be a miracle worker. I don't have sensitive teeth, so I used it as directed for 14 days, which is the maximum amount of days they recommend. I only skipped a couple because I came home drunk. Each time, my boyfriend and I thought my teeth looked whiter directly after the 15 minutes I spent using it. But the next day, they never seemed much better. I honestly think that it's better for a "touch-up" if you're about to take an important picture, not for long-term whitening. Also, be careful when you take the light out of your mouth. If you're like me and salivate a lot, you will get drool EVERYWHERE.

    Nina's teeth before and after:

    And here's an ~extreme~ closeup

    See? VERY minimal difference.

    Overall? Nina would use it again for a quick touch-up before a photo, and Lara would just as soon throw hers away. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯