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We Tried The Salads The Kardashians Are Always Eating On Their Show

Lettuce eat what Kim is eating.

For those of you who've ever watched an episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians (it's OK, this is a safe space) you've probably noticed they're ALWAYS eating the same salad and drinking the same iced tea.

You know the one — the plastic bowl of lettuce with a heaping scoop of reality TV drama on the side.

Well, lucky for those of us who HAVEN'T popped out of Kris Jenner's womb, Kim revealed the location where they get their legendary salads a little over a year ago — Health Nut in Calabasas.

Enterprising young journalists that we are, we had to see whether the hype behind these salads (seriously, only in L.A. would salads have hype) was justifiable — so we made our way to Kardashian Kountry* to try them out for ourselves.

The first thing we noticed was that Health Nut is NOT the type of spot you'd expect the Kardashians to frequent — it's a small storefront located in a strip mall.

We didn't see any Kardashians when we were there, BUT we saw several people who very well might have been assistants to one of the Kardashian sisters. Honestly, there's so many of them, the Kardashians are probably the top employers in all of Calabasas.

We placed our order for the two salads most frequently seen on the show — a Chinese chicken salad (on top) plus a chef salad (on bottom), along with two Mango Greentinis.

Also, we had our pick of salad dressings:

Sam was in charge of trying the Chinese chicken salad:

Sam's Review: I kind of liked the salad in the sense that I thought I was eating something healthy but deep down I really knew it wasn't *THAT* healthy for me. I mean, it had those fried noodle things on top, and I've lived in L.A. long enough to know that unless your salad is made of kale or spinach, YOU NEED TO STEP YOUR VEGETABLE GAME UP. That being said, I felt being pretty special to be eating the same salad the Kardashians do on their show. The only thing missing from my experience was that Kylie wasn't there to Snapchat the entire ordeal. Oh well.

And Lara was in charge of trying the chef salad:

Lara's Review: OK, first things first, I like salads. I like them A LOT. I have stomach issues and salads rarely upset my stomach and I eat them several times a week. So with that being said, I'm kind of a salad expert. This salad was disappointing. It was the kind of salad you find in a plastic box for $3.99 at your local grocery store. It's fine, it tastes fine, but it's nothing to get excited about. It's just some lettuce, tomatoes, and turkey. It's not like I'm going to go tell people about this great salad I had. But would I eat it again? Yeah, if there wasn't a Panera Bread around. All I'm saying is, I expected more from this salad.

We also got to try some Kardashian Juice, aka the Mango Greentini:

Lara's Review: This drink was really good. It wasn't as sweet as other drinks, like Snapple for example, so I assume it had less sugar, which is cool with me. Or maybe I just need to stop eating so much sugar. Help me. The drink really outshined the salad. I like this drink a lot. I hope it likes me too.

Sam's Review: This stuff was DELICIOUS, but really, really sweet. It's like liquid crack — I can see why the Kardashians are sucking this stuff down like their Instagram followers depend on it. TBH, maybe that's why they're always wearing so much makeup — because they're always breaking out from drinking such a sugary drink. I'M ON TO YOU, KARDASHIANS!

So in the end, what did we think of the Kardashians' fave salad joint?

Sam: Yes, Health Nut was delicious. But was it life-changing? No! I guess in a way, Health Nut makes the salad equivalent of the Kardashians: a little overhyped, and you're not sure what the big deal is, but you can't take your eyes away (or in this case, your taste buds). That being said, after eating one of these salads, I'm STILL not a Kardashian... and I'm a little disappointed about that.

Lara: The salad was just OK and I can pretty confidently say that I won't be driving an hour into the valley to get another one anytime soon. But if anyone wants to bring me a salad to work for lunch, I would eat it. If it were free.