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We Tried Kendall And Kylie's New Swimwear Line So You Don't Have To

They're Jennerally pretty cute.

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If you're like us, you're a bit obsessed with Kendall and Kylie Jenner. So when they announced a new swim collection with Topshop, we just had to try this stuff on!

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So three of us — Lara, Jenna, and Nina — headed out to Topshop to try on these hot swimsuits IRL. They didn't have every style available, so we tried whatever we could get our hands on.

Unfortunately, the suits only go up to a size 12, so we couldn't get as much body diversity as we normally like. For reference, here's what we look like.

Jenna Williams for BuzzFeed

Bonded Bikini Top ($58) and Bonded Bikini Pant ($35)

Jenna Williams for BuzzFeed

Nina: This bikini managed to have material that was both too thick and unsupportive. One wrong move and my boobs were gonna pop right out from under there! 1/5

Lara: This swimsuit was made of scuba material, which was so thick and uncomfortable. Also, it was white, and I feel like it would be dirty in no time. I didn't hate how this looked on my body, but I also didn't like it. 1/5

Jenna: So, I was not blessed with big boobs. This top was made for someone who could fill it out. So this meant a lot of extra underboob fabric on me and the bottoms felt like a diaper made out of wetsuit material. But I did like the pop of color in the back! 1/5

Would Kendall and Kylie actually wear this? It seems hella basic and not kute enough for them.

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Animal Print Cut-Out Swimsuit ($85)

Jenna Williams for BuzzFeed

Nina: YIKES. I think the cut of this suit would be unflattering and uncomfortable on anyone who isn't Kendall Jenner. And the print is TACKY. AS. HELL. I expect this from Walmart, not klassy individuals like Kendall and Kylie. 0/5

Lara: I hate absolutely everything about this swimsuit. It made my boobs look saggy and weird and was incredibly uncomfortable. I'm 5'10" and it didn't fit on my body. Kendall is a model so I assume she's also tall and I'm pretty sure this suit wouldn't fit her. Delete this suit. 0/5

Jenna: Nope. Just nope. This was made for someone stick thin with huge boobs. You can't tell from the photo, but the top was SO BIG on me I could stick my whole hand into the cup! 0/5

Would Kendall and Kylie actually wear this? HELL NO.

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Tape Bikini Top ($48) and Tape Bikini Pant ($35).

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Nina: This color is probably one of the least flattering shades on me. It looks like neon vomit. The extra black straps on the bottom are sexy as hell though. I have plenty of gut and was worried about the straps pinching, but it was fine. If your boobs swing low like mine, avoid the top. I covered them with my hair because it was getting pornographic. 3.5/5

Lara: This swimsuit was ruined by the Kendall + Kylie branding. No one needs to have this on their swimsuit. I like the idea of the suit more than I like the actual suit, but bonus points for the fun colorz and extra straps. 2/5

Jenna: I actually really like the idea of this one. Although it was not quite meant for my body type (multiple straps and cinching are never a good idea on me), I can imagine it working really well for someone who has a little less love on her handles, if ya know what I mean. 3/5

Would Kendall and Kylie actually wear this? Honestly? Probably. It's one of the more unique pieces in the line.

Nina Mohan for BuzzFeed
Jenna Williams for BuzzFeed

Tape Detailed Swimsuit ($75)

Jenna Williams for BuzzFeed

Nina: OK, I looked at the European sizes on accident and grabbed one that was a bit small. The straps in the back are nice if you have zero back fat, which I don't. I don't hate the branding on the straps, because when people ask you why you paid $75 for a simple black one-piece, you can just point to their names! 2/5

Lara: From the front I totally dig this swimsuit. I would 100% wear it...if it wasn't plastered with "Kendall + Kylie" all over the back. Why ruin a good thing? Good job for a nice classic black one-piece, bad job literally everywhere else. 4/5

Jenna: Once again, I was not blessed with boobs. It fit great on my butt, but it felt like if I moved around too much, the straps would fall off my shoulders and expose what little boob I have. I really likes the crisscross idea in the back though...minus the hardcore Kendall + Kylie branding. 1/5

Would Kendall and Kylie actually wear this? It's a boring suit, but it has their names on it, so maybe they would.

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Double Layered Mesh Bikini Top ($68) and Cobalt Swim Pant ($30).

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Nina: OK, this little mesh thing is cute! I feel like I would wear it out and about on the town or to a pool party where I'm trying to convince people that I'm sporty (I'm not). But the actual bikini runs pretty small and is basic AF. Just sell me that mesh! 4/5

Lara: No. This is not working. I don't know who this would work on. I wouldn't wear this to a pool or a beach or anywhere in life, ever. I like the idea of mesh, but I guess just not on my bathing suit. 1/5

Jenna: I didn't mind the bottoms for these, but the top? Totally unrealistic and uncomfortable! I would hate to get a tan line from this one. 2/5

Would Kendall and Kylie actually wear this? It's sporty and has pizazz! We could totally see them rocking this on an expensive island vacay.

Jenna Williams for BuzzFeed

Final thoughts:

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Nina: All of these suits seemed a Like there was one weird feature or something lacking that kept them from being amazing. Also be warned: The sizing runs small! Honestly, it's just not worth it for the price. No one's ever gonna rock these harder than Kendall and Kylie. If I'm gonna fork over that much money, I want my OWN name on the straps!

Lara: This swimwear line is average at best. I definitely didn't feel inclined to buy any of the pieces, and I can certainly live without them in my life. However, I have decided that I want a neon swimsuit. So thanks for that, Kendall + Kylie.

Jenna: Overall, this swimsuit line is not for me. You have to know what flatters your body type, and for me this just wasn’t it. The sizes were pretty wonky. For the one-pieces, if it fit my butt, it was HUGE on my boobs. You’d think that a Jenner/Kardashian line of suits would cater to the big booty ladies like myself. But not so much. I think I will stick to my bikini collection at home. Better luck next time.