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28 Simple Things All White People Just Love To Do

Meet at Olive Garden at 6:10?

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1. Taking home mini shampoo bottles from hotels.

And lotion...and soap.

2. FaceTiming their pets.


3. Ordering complicated Starbucks drink orders.

Wet, no water, in a venti cup.

4. Getting unlimited breadsticks at the Olive Garden.

And asking for some to take home.


5. The dollar section at Target.

"OMG these scented erasers are THREE FOR $1.00!"

6. Eating chips and salsa at Mexican restaurants until they're no longer hungry enough for the dinner they just ordered.

Can I get this to go?

7. Getting excited over new laundry detergent and/or fabric softener.

8. Making stores price-match other stores.

9. Putting frozen grapes in their glass of wine.

It doesn't get watered down this way!

10. Hitting up weekend yard sales.

And then selling their findings on Amazon.

11. The feeling of pushing a new shopping cart.

With their dog in it.

12. Using forks to eat sushi.

13. Instagramming a picture of a plane's wing with the caption "take me back."


14. Asking for "extra" guac at Chipotle.

"Sorry. Just a tiny bit more!"


17. Clapping at the end of the movie.

18. Picking out their favorite pieces in a bag of Chex Mix.

19. Getting upset when Netflix doesn't load properly.

This seriously can't be happening right now.


21. Fighting with others over a game of Monopoly.


22. Amazon Prime.

Two-day shipping!
Lara Parker / Via BuzzFeed

Two-day shipping!

23. Complaining about the weather.

Ugh it's in the 60s again.

24. Making announcements on Facebook.

Lara Parker / Via BuzzFeed

25. Developing a passionate relationship with kale.

"Who wants to try my kale cookies?"

26. Laminating and labeling.

"I love to L&L!"

27. Making shapes with Nutella on bread before they eat it.


28. And Googling themselves.

"OMG that's not me!"