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19 '00s Teen Movies Summed Up In One Sentence

Nostalgia is fetch.

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1. Mean Girls

Paramount Pictures

A queen is dethroned because she didn't wear pink on a Wednesday so a new queen is crowned and it's fetch until it becomes a democracy and the crown is destroyed.

2. The Notebook

New Line Cinema

Two teenagers fall in love but spend years apart because texting wasn't invented yet, then meet back up and give us all unrealistic expectations for love.

6. She's the Man

DreamWorks Pictures

Amanda Bynes poses as her brother, Sebastian, stuffs tampons in her nose, and makes out with Channing Tatum in between talking about cheese.

8. Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants

Warner Bros. Pictures

Four friends do a lot of drugs and end up believing that one pair of jeans fits all four of them, therefore prompting them to mail a package of jeans across the world for two movies.

10. John Tucker Must Die

20th Century Fox

Fuckboy dates three women at once, the women find out, and get revenge by making man's nipples hurt, all while Jenny McCarthy plays a hot mom.

12. Love Actually

Universal Pictures

A holiday movie with at least 10 different stories, you'll forget everyone's names, but you'll feel the love in your fingers and in your toes.

14. A Walk to Remember

Warner Bros. Pictures

A cool teen falls in love with an unpopular teen, she sings in a play, and then they rip out our fucking hearts when they get married and she passes away soon after.

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