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    18 Pictures That Are Literally You As A Dog Owner

    Dog life is the best life.

    1. You make sure everyone knows they are well taken care of:

    2. You protect them from all types of drastic weather:

    3. And we mean ALL kinds of drastic weather:

    4. You'd honestly rather go on a date with your dog than anyone else:

    5. You never get tired of making them the main star of your Snapchat story:

    6. You always make sure they are comfortable AF:

    7. You don't second guess bringing them to social outings:

    8. You would definitely go as far as coordinating your dog's outfits because DUH, THEY ARE PRECIOUS AND DESERVE IT:

    9. You know what your future holds and you're 100% on board with it:

    10. You have approximately 13,000 photos of your dog in your phone and half of them are in cute outfits:

    11. You turn your mistakes into a gesture of love so your dog doesn't judge you for it:

    12. You'd even go so far as to turn a small corner of your home into a room for your beloved dog:

    13. You spend more time on your dog's Halloween costume than your own:

    14. And your dog's coziness levels are as important as your own:

    15. You don't see why they can't enjoy the park as much as the other children do:

    16. You want to own a a large enough home home so that you can adopt as many pups as your heart desires:

    17. You get creative when one of your pups loves walking more than the other:

    18. And finally, you treat them as if they are your child — because basically they are:

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