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24 Guys Who Totally Rocked The Man Bun In 2015

My anaconda don't want none unless you got a man bun.

1. Brock O'Hurn, who rocked it while on a hike and rocks our lives:

2. EJ Adams, a true showstopper:

3. Aaron Harris, a studious stud:

4. Kaan Tosun, a stylish stunner:

5. This babe, Brock James:

6. The gorgeous Nitin Chauhan:

7. This stoic stud, Tommy Gunn:

8. This outdoorsy hunk, Stevis Harrison:

9. This swoon-worthy stud muffin, JR Berlin:

10. Amar, a truly fit fellow:

11. This handy hunk, Shane Rebe:

12. Evin McClusky, a true gift to us all:

13. This bearded beauty, Brennan Daugherty:

14. The luscious Lane Toran:

15. This canine cutie, Ben Gholm:

16. Josh Mcaree, a sexy sunbather:

17. This flexible fiend, Ben:

18. Travis DesLaurier, who is toothbrush tasty:

19. Anupam Rana, a radiating beauty:

20. Yoshi Sudarso, a real glistening god:

21. This luscious looker, Andre Da Florist:

22. This sultry soldier, Lasse L. Matberg:

23. A dashing-in-denim Jack Greystone:

24. And the heart-stopping Kylee Hill:

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