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Best of Style 2015

Best of Style 2015

19 Times Pop Culture Was Embarrassingly Offensive In 2015

Nope, glittery blackface is still not OK.

24 Guys Who Totally Rocked The Man Bun In 2015

My anaconda don't want none unless you got a man bun.

17 Dramatic Celebrity Eyebrow Evolutions Of 2015

Henceforth known as "Year of the Bush."

29 Times #BlackGirlMagic Was More Than Just A Hashtag In 2015

Just the usual, like taking psychology exams during childbirth.

12 Times Badass Women Fought Ridiculously Sexist Dress Codes In 2015

Proving once again that females are strong as hell.

17 Really Stupid Things You Should Stop Saying To Women With Natural Hair In 2016

Because we're tired of hearing how you liked us better with straight hair.

17 Celebs Who Drastically Dyed In 2015

These stars hit the bottle and lived to tell the tale.

21 Best Ladies In Suits Moments Of 2015

Hard to pick just 21, tbh.

18 Of The Most WTF Photoshop Fails Of 2015

Step away from the blur tool, people.

12 Times Zendaya Schooled Us All In 2015

She may be young, but damn is she wise.

15 Years Ago, This Is What TV Looked Like

The year was 2000, and Dawson Leery made The Face.

These Lip Challenge Fails Were So Awful That They Actually Won 2015

Let's take a moment to remember those who lost their lips.

Try Not To Get Angry At These 2015 Nail Polish Names

*Carves “Make it stop” into mirror while sobbing*

19 Of The Most Totally Amazing Body-Shaming Clap Backs Of 2015

Because someone's always got something to say, but it's usually pretty dumb.

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