29 Reasons Ross Didn't Actually Deserve To Be With Rachel

    Lobsters, shmobsters.

    Ross and Rachel are one of the most beloved couples in TV history.

    But if you think about it, Ross was actually a pretty big jerk and didn't really deserve to end up with Rachel.

    1. When Ross dates Julie but still thinks it's OK to be insulting toward Paolo.

    2. And when he finally has his chance to be with Rachel but recounts all of her "flaws" in a pro-con list.

    3. How about when he tells Rachel he doesn't want her to get a tattoo?

    4. And that time he yells at her to get ready in front of everyone while she's just trying to look nice for his special night.

    5. Then there's that whole, Ross getting EXTREMELY jealous of Rachel focusing on her job storyline.

    Even though their dates get ruined whenever the museum pages.

    6. So, in response, the couple takes a "break" for less than a day and Ross decides to sleep with the copy girl.

    And tries REALLY hard to make sure she doesn't find out, with every intention of lying.

    7. When he gets ANOTHER chance to make things right, he falls asleep in the middle of reading Rachel's letter to him about her hopes for their relationship.

    8. And lies, AGAIN, about having read it.

    9. How he ALWAYS insists they were "on a break", regardless of Rachel's feelings.

    10. After some time passes, he starts to date Rachel's boss's niece, Emily.

    11. And when they decide to get married, he gets upset when Rachel won't come to their wedding.

    12. Less than ONE YEAR after they break up.

    13. And when Rachel does show up, he says the wrong name at the altar and completely messes with her heart.

    14. Then when he thinks Emily won't show up, Ross invites Rachel on his honeymoon to Greece.

    15. When Emily does show up at the airport, he abandons Rachel and leaves her alone... on HIS honeymoon.

    16. Ross tells Rachel that he can't see her anymore because Emily won't let him.

    17. After they drunkenly get married in Las Vegas, Ross lies (AGAIN) and tells Rachel he got an annulment.

    18. But he selfishly didn't, because he didn't want to be the guy who got three divorces.

    19. Oh yeah, and then he goes on TWO DATES with Rachel's SISTER, Jill.

    20. He accidentally videotapes them having sex without Rachel knowing the camera is on, but still doesn't tell her for months afterward.

    21. Then reacts like a total dingus when Rachel tells him she’s pregnant.

    22. Not to mention, he gets angry when Rachel goes on a date with Joey's Days of Our Lives co-star when she's pregnant.

    23. But it's OK that he has a girlfriend (Mona) while Rachel's pregnant, who he doesn’t even keep in the loop when Rachel moves in, at his request.

    24. AND he hits on the saleswoman at the baby store when he goes shopping with pregnant Rachel.

    25. Ross even goes on a date with the saleswoman.

    26. But he has the nerve not to give Rachel her message from the guy at the bar the ONE night she goes out.

    27. After Rachel has Emma, their baby, he hits on Molly, their hot nanny.

    28. Then he gets mad when Rachel kisses Gavin.

    And dramatically acts like he's always alone with the baby when he's not.

    29. He gets pissed when Joey dates Rachel, ignoring the fact that he’s already dating Charlie.

    (He even kissed Charlie before her and Joey broke up!)

    In conclusion: even though it's sweet how he and Rachel ended up working out their issues and lived happily ever after...

    Ross was too much of a jerk to actually deserve to be with his "lobster", after all.

    Good riddance, Rossatron.