This New Meryl Streep Movie About Suffragettes Looks Extremely Powerful

“All my life I’ve done what men told me. Well, I can’t have that anymore.”

1. This fall, Meryl Streep, Carey Mulligan, and Helena Bonham Carter will star in Suffragette, a history-inspired film about women fighting for the right to vote in the U.K.

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2. And the trailer looks extremely powerful.

Focus Features / Via

3. Mulligan stars as a character named Maud who ultimately leads the British suffragette movement.

Focus Features / Via

4. Carter plays the role of kick-ass British suffragette Edith Bessie New.

Focus Features / Via

5. And our perfect Queen Meryl Streep plays Emmeline Pankhurst, a British suffragette who led the fight in getting women the right to vote.

Focus Features / Via

6. This is all of us clapping for this flawless woman.

Focus Features / Via

7. These women are all flawless and badass and we cannot WAIT to see them in theaters.

Focus Features / Via

8. Here’s the full trailer for the movie:

9. Suffragette premieres in the U.S. on Oct. 23.

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