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    11 Things You Never Knew About The Final Five

    These fierce AF ladies talk fangirling over celebrities, hotel pranks, and Zac Efron.

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    After these five badass ladies completely dominated in Rio, they headed straight to New York where we got the chance to sit down with them and talk gold medals, Zac Efron, pizza, and much more.

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    To get to know the girls a bit better, we played a little game we call Final Five Superlatives — here's what we learned!

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    1. Who's most likely to be an Olympic athlete in another sport?


    Aly Raisman and Laurie Hernandez: Simone!

    Madison Kocian: Yeah, she could do anything!

    Laurie: You know what, she'd probably win that too!

    Simone Biles: Catch me in 2020, skateboarding!

    Aly: I think she's gonna be a sprinter.

    Madison: Yeah, watch her, she's probably gonna be like the shortest person to do the hurdles.

    2. Who's most likely to pull a prank?


    Laurie: Me and Simone.

    Simone: Yeah, me and Laurie.

    Gabby Douglas: Yeah.

    Have there been any major pranks yet?

    Simone: Just the scrunchies off the balcony, but…

    Laurie: Oh yeah, just slingshot scrunchies off the balcony, but besides that we’ve done nothing crazy.

    Simone: Not yet, we’re waiting. We’re waiting to tour, ‘cause they can’t catch us then.

    3. Who's most likely to be on their phone texting?


    Laurie and Gabby: Simone!

    Simone: Hey, I got broads in Atlanta!

    Madison: She's got tons of numbers.

    Simone: Yeah, I do though.

    4. Who's most likely to brighten your day?


    Simone: I think Maddie.

    Gabby: Everybody! I'm gonna go with everyone.

    Simone: But Maddie, she just like wakes up like this (smiles).

    Madison: Like for team final day, I'm like, "I'm ready to go!"

    Simone: Yeah it was so cute, I love her.

    Laurie: She's like, "I feel so good about today!" I was like, "You know what Maddie, I feel good 'cause you feel good!"

    5. Who's most likely to do the best impressions of another member of the Final Five?


    Aly: Me or Laurie?

    Simone: Yeah, Aly.

    Aly: We’re good at accents.

    Madison: Yeah Aly and Laurie are the best at accents.

    Simone: Oh yeah, Laurie will do [impressions of] like all of our routines!

    6. Who's most likely to secretly slip Zac Efron their number?


    Madison: We all know that one!

    Aly: We’re all too afraid of Simone. Do you mean besides Simone? I don’t think any of us would do that because we think she’d kill us. She has dibs on him — it’s her man.

    Laurie: I’ve made so many disclaimers in interviews. They're just like, “How did you feel meeting Zac Efron?” I was like, "DISCLAIMER: He is Simone's! This is a sensitive subject! We cannot talk about this right now! She will break my legs."

    Aly: I know [Simone] was like, “I saw you spoke about Zac this morning!”

    Simone: Saw that interview!

    Gabby: She’s keepin’ tabs!

    Aly: She has, like, Google alerts on her phone whenever we speak about him.

    Simone: Saw it! Unlimited Efron, you know my shirt.

    Gabby: Oh you got that?

    Madison: She wore it yesterday!

    Simone: I’ll show you a picture.

    7. Who’s most likely to wait online for the Kylie Lip Kit?


    Simone: Gabby.

    Gabby: Me?!

    Simone: Yeah! You always have your lips done!

    Aly: Oh, that’s true.

    Gabby: I said Laurie.

    Laurie: Yeah, maybe, maybe!

    8. Who's the biggest flirt?


    Gabby: Aly!

    Madison: I said Simone!

    Simone: Oh yeah, me or Aly.

    Aly: I’d say me or Simone.

    Laurie: Yeah, Simone, you’re pretty flirty.

    Simone: (winks) I got you guys!

    Aly: She learns from the best, me.

    9. Who's most likely to initiate a post-gym hangout?


    Laurie and Simone: Aly!

    Simone: The day after we moved to the hotel, she’s like, “Do you want to go work out?!” I’m like... "No. I’m staying in my room."

    Laurie: I’m just gonna go eat while you run. Thanks, though!

    Gabby: I’m with Laurie!

    Simone: Laurie went down with her and she texts me and goes, “I’m just learning a dance to Beyoncé.”

    Aly: Yeah, she’s dancin’ to Beyoncé.

    Laurie: I sat on the bike and I was just like, All right I’m gonna work out, put my headphones in! I was like, All right, here I go, here I go — I can’t do it! [I] pulled up a Beyoncé video — I learned how to dance today, guys!

    Madison: She’s like, "I’m off the bike."

    10. Who’s most likely to fangirl over a celebrity?


    Aly: Simone — [over] Zac Efron. Or Laurie!

    Simone: That was my moment though!

    Laurie: I literally just fangirled over Usher. I was like, “Oh my god!”

    11. Who were you most excited about who tweeted you after your gold-medal win?


    Laurie: Tori Kelly! She followed and tweeted me and I was, like, crying.

    Madison: Definitely Carrie Underwood!

    Gabby: Taylor Swift's pretty cool.

    Simone: Oh yeah, that one was good. And Zac Efron.

    Aly: It's hard to decide.

    Laurie: You had Rascal Flatts tweet you!

    Gabby: Reese? Reese Witherspoon?

    Simone: Oh yeah, that was awesome.

    Aly: Oh yeah! [And] Lady Gaga.

    Witness the Final Five's incredible gymnastics skills IRL when the girls hit the road on the 2016 Kellogg's Tour of Gymnastics Champions this fall!

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