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    This Video Of Miranda Lambert Talking To Blake Shelton Right Before They Got Married Just Made My Heart Hurt

    "We have made it through everything we could have possibly made it through."

    If you didn't know, country singers Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton were married from May 2011 to July 2015.

    But the two have since found new loves – so ALL IS GOOD! Blake is currently dating singer Gwen Stefani and Miranda is now married to NYPD Police Officer Brendan Mcloughlin.

    However, since their divorce, there have been some ~heated moments~ between Blake and Miranda. Like when Miranda Lambert shaded Blake Shelton onstage at the ACM Awards while he was sitting next to Gwen.

    Which brings us to this old music video of Blake's — "God Gave Me You" — I recently came across. I was surprised when it started off with a video of his ex Miranda.

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    It was a sweet moment Blake captured on video of Miranda talking to him about their relationship right before they got married.

    Miranda says, "In less than...what is it...36 hours, I'm gettin' married. Gettin' married to you, Blake Shelton."

    "We've made it through the unthinkable. We have made it through everything we could have possibly made it through. I know we have a lot more trials and tribulations to go, but I'm ready to join in with you on that journey."

    😭😭😭It was such a perfect moment in time.😭😭😭

    The music video also ends with the video of her, saying, “This is, in fact, a fairy tale for these three days and I’m so glad to share it with you. I love you.”

    I'm not sure if Blake still sings "God Gave Me You" when he performs, but – without a doubt – Miranda has to cross his mind if he does. We are just glad both Blake and Miranda have found happiness with their new loves!

    But, also, just remember Miranda doesn't give a shit if you think her new marriage won't last!!!