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Could You Survive Life As A Fly?

Being an insect is hard.

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Okay so long story short, you looked at this creepy old woman the wrong way at the market yesterday and it turns out she was some kind of magical enchantress! She put a strange curse on you but you laughed and thought she was crazy. You went home and pretty much forgot about the whole ordeal. Unfortunately and much to your surprise, this morning you woke up as a fly... yay?

Your only option is to try to integrate yourself into insect life. It's going to be a challenge, but see if you can somehow survive life as a fly.

  1. Alright, so now you're a fly. You can handle this! Let's just take a quick look in the mirror. It can't be that bad right?
    Oh shit! It's really, really bad!
    Yikes, I think I'll just avoid the mirror from now on.
    I'm not sure how my face works but I like it!
    Cute! I can deal with this.
  2. You venture out to find some friends that aren't repulsed by whatever your face is. Which similar sized creature do you think would make a good friend for a fly?
    The mosquito that likes to stay up late and always tries to peer pressure you into drinking blood.
    The creepy centipede that doesn't talk much.
    The friendly spider that promised not to eat you.
    The lady bug that sometimes squirts orange stuff from his butt.
  3. You start to feel kind of hungry and decide to go looking for food. You see what looks to be some delici...oh shit! Is that a bird?! What are you going to do?
    Find some garbage to hide in, quick!
    Pfft, I think I can take him on. COME AT ME YOU DUMB BIRD!
    Fly away as fast as my little wings will carry me.
    Just sit still and hope it doesn't see me.
  4. The bird seems to have lost interest, you're safe for now. Suddenly things seem to be looking up! You spot some fresh dog poop in the distance and fly over to investigate. You're starving, what will you do??
    Do I actually like to eat poop now? I guess I'll give it a go. You have to try everything at least once, right?
    I'm not going anywhere near that poop! I may be a fly but I still have my decency.
    Gimme that poop! I'm so hungry and the smell is tantalizingly delicious.
    Perfect! This is my chance to try out my new sucker mouth.
  5. You start feeling pretty bored. What kind of fly activity should you do to keep yourself entertained for a while?
    Make a cool buzzing tune with my wings.
    Fly around in circles.
    Rub my tiny hands together for a while.
    Rest on the wall for a couple of hours.
  6. You begin to feel pretty thirsty. Where are you going to find some precious water to drink?
    Maybe I could suck the moisture from some random human's eyes...
    I guess I'll just drink some trash juice. That's got to be made up of at least some water, right?
    I'll just get all of the moisture I need from the poop I will be eating.
    I might be able to find some juicy rotting fruit around here somewhere.
  7. You decide to try to get help from one of your friends. Maybe they could somehow help you turn back into a human. How will you get their attention?
    Try to type a "help me" message on their computer and hope your tiny fly hands are strong enough to push the buttons.
    Fly right up close to their ear and buzz "SOS" in Morse code.
    Fly around spelling out the words "help me" and hope they figure it out.
    Don't even bother trying, they're never going to believe you were turned into a fly!
  8. Oh, no! They didn't get the message! It looks like they're getting the fly spray, what are you going to do?!
    Freak out and fly all over the place buzzing excessively and running into the walls. They have to know it's me!
    Accept my fate and embrace the toxic fly spray shower
    Act like the spray actually got me and play dead until the heat is off.
    Dodge the spray, you might be just small enough to squeeze between each droplet.

Could You Survive Life As A Fly?

You got: You were eaten.

Look, you did the best you could. Being right down near the bottom of the food chain is tough. Everything was out to get you, so the fact that your survived as long as you did was a miracle!

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You got: You died.

That fly spray was just no match for you, it was impossible to avoid! It's okay, you're in a better place now.

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You got: You survived... for now

You managed to escape the danger that faced you at every turn. You've got a pretty good head on your fly shoulders and your natural insect instincts are working to keeping you alive!

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You got: You survived!

Are you actually a fly taking this quiz? Your ability to get into the mindset of a fly is superb. If this unfortunate scenario were to ever happen to you, you'd be just fine!

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