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George Clooney Surprises NYCC And Apologizes For "Batman And Robin"

The actor was a surprise guest at Disney's Tomorrowland panel, and yes he totally is that charming irl.

Just as Hugh Laurie was teasingly complaining about costar Clooney (who plays a jaded inventor in Tomorrowland), THE MAN HIMSELF WALKS ONSTAGE.

This is an accurate representation of the woman seated next to me, and also the general populace in the presence of George Clooney.

And in case his presence wasn't enough to make you fall in love with him, he admitted that he took time out of his honeymoon to make it to NYCC.

But things got even better when he told the panel he met Adam West backstage and they had a Batman to Batman chat.

"Since my Batman [movie], I've been disinvited from comic con. I met Adam West and said 'Hey I'm really sorry. Sorry about the nipples on the Batsuit.'"

Warner Bros.

"Sorry about 'FREEZE FREEZE!'"


Puns are always in style George, never apologize.

It's okay George, true love means forgiveness, so we forgive you.

Warner Bros.

As long as you never change and stay the ultimate silver fox that you are.