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7 Things We Just Learned About "The X-Files" Season 11

There'll be backstory on the Cigarette Smoking Man, but Scully still won't have a desk.

Here's A Guide To The Third Episode Of "See Something Say Something"

Take a look at all the amazing cosplay from Comic Con!

20 Pieces Of Advice For Women Looking To Get Into The Comics Industry

"Tell the story you want to read. Someone else will too."

21 Cosplayers On What Their Character Means To Them

Sometimes we can transform into our own heroes.

The Head Of Marvel TV Says Iron Fist Is White Because It's Important Danny Be An Outsider

"The importance of Danny as an outsider is something that is a theme,” Jeph Loeb told BuzzFeed. "I think once they see it, they’ll understand."

This Is What We Learned About "Legion" At NYCC

The show will be different from any other X-Men series we've seen.

Matt Damon Said He'll Be "Genuinely Shocked" If Audiences See "The Great Wall" As Whitewashing

"If people see this movie and feel like there's somehow whitewashing involved in a creature feature that we made up, I will listen to that with my whole heart," he said at New York Comic Con.

Jennifer Morrison's Proud Of The Female Friendships On "Once Upon A Time"

"I think that’s something we need more of in the world."

26 Facts We Learned About "Stranger Things" At Comic Con

Barb will have her justice in Season 2.

Someone Assembled The Silver Monkey In The New "Legends Of The Hidden Temple" Trailer

And someone, somehow, managed to assemble the Shrine of the Silver Monkey.

21 Cosplays You Can Make For Under $20

You can totally dress up without emptying your bank account.

The "Gotham" Cast Gender-Swaps Iconic Batman Characters

Can you imagine Ms. Freeze facing off with Jane Gordon?

The "Jessica Jones" Cast Reveals What Would Happen If They Leaked A Spoiler

Marvel is always watching. Especially at Comic Con.

Rashida Jones Doesn't Understand Why Half Of Movies Aren't About Women

"It's getting better, but I don't feel like it's time to celebrate."

17 Cosplayers Get Real About The Importance Of Fictional Characters

And why. Warning: you're about to feel some feelings.

21 People On The One Thing They'd Change About Hollywood

We asked attendants of New York Comic-Con to tell us one thing they'd change about Hollywood if they had the power.

"Once Upon A Time" Just Made Two Extremely Exciting Announcements

Hook's dad is coming, and Ruby and Mulan are returning!

The "PLL" Cast Reveals What Their Characters Are Like Five Years In The Future

"Hanna’s super fun. She traveled the world, she’s working in fashion like Devil Wears Prada."

21 Books Everyone Needs To Read Before They Die

BuzzFeed asked a bunch of librarians at New York Comic-Con what books they'd recommend everyone read before they die.

Robert Pattinson Thought His "Twilight" Character Was "Suicidally Depressed"

He argued with Stephenie Meyer for about an hour.

7 Rounds Of "This Or That" With Jerry Springer

BuzzFeed sat down with '90s royalty Jerry Springer at New York Comic Con and played a quick game of "This or That" with him.

11 "Sleepy Hollow" Cast Superlatives With Orlando Jones And Lyndie Greenwood

If you don't ship Frank and Jenny already, get ready to.

11 Reasons To Be Stoked About Marvel's "Daredevil" On Netflix

All of the important things we learned from the Daredevil panel at New York Comic Con.

Abbi And Ilana From "Broad City" Answer 10 Important Stoner Questions

BuzzFeed got to sit down with the ladies from "Broad City" at NYCC and ask them 10 important questions.

5 Disney Actors Reveal What Would Happen If They Leaked A Spoiler

Disney sees all. BuzzFeed sat down with the cast of Big Hero 6 to discuss their worst nightmare.

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