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14 Cosplayers Caught Off Guard

Being in costume isn't all glamour and photo ops. Sometimes the best pictures happen when you least expect them.

What Is The True Cost Of Cosplay?

BuzzFeed asked some amazing cosplayers at New York Comic Con exactly how much time and money goes into making their favorite character come to life.

That Time A TARDIS Materialized At NYCC

Even the Doctor wants to buy prints signed by his favorite comic book artist. But only a very crafty Doctor would bring his TARDIS along for a quick getaway.

10 Badass Genderswapped Cosplays

NY Comic Con was this past weekend, and no con is complete without badass alternate cosplays. Below are 10 of our favorite genderswaps from this year and years past.

LEGO Unveils New TMNT Minifigures

No word on if they'll come with LEGO pizza. LEGO teams up with Nickelodeon to launch these in January 2013.

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