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17 Faces Every Catholic Will Immediately Recognize

Bring on the guilt.

1. When someone tries to squeeze past you in the pew.

2. When you have flashbacks to how horrifying your baptism seemed.

3. When you literally have to be dragged to confession.

4. When your first Communion outfit was the stuff of nightmares.

5. And the portraits that you were forced to take were even worse.

6. When the sermon hits a little too close to home.

7. When you attempt to keep yourself busy during mass.

8. When you try to give the sign of peace to your neighbor and they ignore you.

9. When you might as well be swimming in that holy water.

10. When someone is feeling generous...but not THAT generous.

11. When you're pretty sure Jesus never had to wake up that early.

12. And you end up falling asleep during church, anyway.

13. When it's Lent and you can't think about anything other than meat.

14. When you remember your sins a little too late.

15. When you're feeling that Catholic guilt.

16. When your mom cares more about your tucked-in shirt than your actual morals.

17. And when you just want to go home and get out of your church clothes.