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These Photos From Disneyland's Reopening In Shanghai Show What It Might Be Like To Visit Theme Parks In The Future

Ears up, masks on.

After being closed for three and a half months because of the coronavirus, Shanghai Disneyland finally reopened its doors on May 11, to the joy of Disney fans across the world.

Disney Parks / Via

Time to dust off those Mickey ears.

The reopening came with a multitude of changes to accommodate requirements like social distancing and increased cleanliness.

And it's safe to say, the park looks a little bit different.

Str / Getty Images, Hu Chengwei / Getty Images

Before it closed versus on reopening day.

According to CNN, the park operated at less than the reduced 30 percent capacity, and the number of cast members actually outnumbered the guests.

Hu Chengwei / Getty Images

Guests were required to buy these limited tickets in advance.

Visitors must undergo a temperature check before entering.

Str / Getty Images

They also must scan their "Health QR Code," which flashes red, yellow, or green depending on the individual's exposure to the virus. Only those with a green code are allowed into the park.

All guests are required to wear masks at all times (except while dining).

Hu Chengwei / Getty Images

Which will inevitably lead to some...different Disneyland selfies.

Markers on the ground encourage social distancing in line and on rides.

Hu Chengwei / Getty Images

No more getting bumped in line by someone standing too close behind you!

Even shows have premeasured squares for safe viewing.

SQUARES ARE “SEATS” 😄 🙈🙈 #ShanghaiDisneyland #SHDL #上海ディズニーランド #Disney #Disneypark #Disneyland

However, parades and other nighttime events are still closed until the park can ensure proper social distancing.

And the park is undergoing more frequent sanitization throughout the day.

Shanghai Disney Resort / Via

None of these restrictions seemed to put a damper on the guests' joy, however, as cast members lined up to welcome them into the park.

Disney Parks / Via

I'm guessing there are some huge smiles underneath those masks.

People were so excited that announcements to "walk, not run" had to be played over the speakers.

Disney Parks / Via

^Us literally jumping for joy when it's finally safe enough for the other parks to reopen.

As of now, no other Disney parks are scheduled to reopen anytime soon, but when they do, they could look a lot like this.

Hector Retamal / Getty Images

Mask or no mask, we still think this is the happiest place on Earth!

Now, please excuse me while I patiently wait for the US parks to reopen...

Disney / Via

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