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Updated on Dec 22, 2019. Posted on Oct 3, 2019

People On Reddit Shared The Best Disney Parks Hacks And They're Super Helpful

The more you know.

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Jay Fleckenstein / BuzzFeed

1. Go to a park the day after Evening Extra Magic Hours.

dynamicdisneyduo_ / Via

"Go to a park the day after Evening Extra Magic Hours. Everyone will have gone the night before and the park should be quieter." —Wicked_smaht_guy

2. When Space Mountain breaks down, stay in line. It'll be back up and running soon.

disneyinyourhome / Via

"When Space Mountain breaks down, stay in line. Even if you're at the entrance. It will be back up in 10-15 mins. Space Mountain is like one of those cascading marble toys, but stuck in an endless loop. Cast members need to fill cars every 30-60 seconds. If they miss that timeline, it breaks down. So they have to push everything back to its correct spot and start again." —canOair

3. Save a little bit of money by buying a Disney gift card with a Target REDCard.

vidatravelcoheidi / Via

"An underrated Disney hack is that it you have a Target REDCard, you can buy a $100 Disney gift card for $95 (due to the 5% savings on a REDCard). Then buy your ticket with the gift card." —vadavkavoria

4. Golf balls will help your feet after a long day of walking.

tinareshelle34 / Via

"Bring golf balls to roll your feet on for a deep tissue massage at the end of the day." —detraction-action

5. Upgrade your Disney pins with cast members.

happy.neverland / Via

"Buy a bunch of cheap Disney pins off eBay and bring them to the parks. The cast members wear lanyards with a lot of cool collectible pins just waiting for someone to ask to trade. It's a cheap way to get souvenirs and it's kind of fun to see who can get the coolest ones." —yosephu

6. Bring your own water bottle instead of purchasing plastic bottles there.

educatedearthling / Via

"Bring a water bottle in your bag. It's allowed and you can refill the bottle for free at any food kiosk that provides fountain drinks." —detraction-action

7. Preplan your entire day and maximize your time by using Ridemax.

ridemax / Via

"A few years ago, my friends surprised me with my first trip to Disneyland and they used a RideMax subscription to maximize the amount of stuff we got to do. You put in the rides and events you want to do, and it uses an algorithm to plan your day out, taking into account FastPass retrieval and historical wait times. You can include blocks of free time so you don't feel rushed. We spent the whole day there, went on 20 rides." —brushbender

8. Souvenir popcorn buckets are the way to go for cheap meals because the refills are very inexpensive.

adventure_a_and_a / Via

"If you want a cheap, ongoing snack from the park for the duration of your trip, get one of the souvenir popcorn buckets! They're $10 up front, and then $1.50 for refills all day every day. Sometimes the cast members will just give you the refill, though. I saw an older gentleman get a free top-off in front of me. I was actually given a Pluto bucket for free due to my honeymoon pin!" —detraction-action

9. Get a spectacular view of the parade at Disneyland by going to It's a Small World.

squishsqrl / Via

"This is Disneyland specific: You can go up fairly far in line at It's a Small World and watch where the parade starts. You'll have an amazing views of the cast and floats just as they emerged for the parade. A cast member will watch and tell you how far you can go. Listen to them and be polite. Great view, uncrowded, and personal hellos, since you'll be about the only people watching from there." —BestBCfan

10. Put your electronics in a waterproof or ziplock bag.

thelittleprrmaid / Via

"Use Ziploc bags for various electronics in case of sudden downpour or water ride." —carolinejay

11. First aid gives out A-plus Band-Aids for blisters.

california_girl_beth / Via

"First aid gives out the best Band-Aids for blisters. I've tried to find them in stores but I can't. They also have OTC meds. We've had to deal with allergic reactions at the park and received Benadryl from first aid." —fluffy_bunny22

12. Alert a cast member if you have any food accidents and need a replacement.

thedisney_gal / Via

"I was a cast member at Disney World. If you tell a cast member you spilled your soda, dropped your popcorn, or anything along those lines, they will replace it, no questions asked." —yosephu

13. The Disneyland/Disney World app will tell you the wait times for every ride.

ftjbysarahsatterfield / Via

"Download the Disneyland app. It'll tell you the wait times for each ride." —socksnatcher

14. Save money by ordering small meals or kids' meals — even if you're an adult.

wishesdishes_wdwdelights / Via

"Any quick-service restaurant (Pizza Port, Village Haus, Jolly Holiday, Flo's Cafe, etc.) will sell anybody a kids' meal. They can't tell if you're buying it for a child or going to eat it yourself, so there's no hassle. Table-service places (River Belle, Blue Bayou, etc.) won't sell you a kids' meal if there aren't any kids in your party." —TalithaRabboni

15. Get to the park during rope drop.

16. Avoid the long Dole Whip line by going inside the Enchanted Tiki Room.

alexasdisneyfun / Via

"You can get Dole Whip with a shorter line if you are waiting inside the Enchanted Tiki Room area." —buhbuhcuh

17. Plan your day around the parades.

thewdwloop / Via

"Find out when and where any parades happen as soon as possible. That way you can plan your day around them. There's nothing worse than spending an hour trapped in a gift shop because the Main Street Light Parade is holding you hostage in Main Street." —yosephu

18. Don't forget that single-rider lines exist and they will save you SO much time.

msdisneygrams / Via

"Disney has single rider lines. These are lines meant for single riders to fill in empty seats when the line is full of parties of 4-6 people. Use this to your advantage. If your kids are old enough to ride by themselves and you don't mind sitting in different rows, you can dramatically cut your wait time by using the single rider lines." —nowhereman136

19. Use the Main Street shops as a shortcut out of the park.

ihaveawdwproblem / Via

"All the shops along Main Street are connected. This helps when it's time to leave after the fireworks. While everyone else is waddling down Main Street, cut through the shops." —slothywaffle

20. Finally, you can reenter the park once you are in, which can save you money on food.

sallybaldwintravel / Via

"You get free re-entry, so you can keep some food in your car for a parking lot picnic if you want." —Rappster64

H/T r/WaltDisneyWorld and r/Disneyland.

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Jay Fleckenstein / BuzzFeed