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The "Beauty And The Beast" Cast Have Taken Their First Group Picture Together

Emma Watson, Dan Stevens, and Luke Evans all in the same breathing space.

Remember earlier this year when Emma Watson confirmed she's playing Belle in a live-action take of Beauty and the Beast?

Facebook: emmawatson

Then our heads nearly exploded thanks to her revealing Downton Abbey's Dan Stevens is to play Beast.

Could not be more happy that this man will be Beast!!! Welcome aboard @thatdanstevens #beautyandthebeast

And then she tweeted The Hobbit's Luke Evans will be Gaston.

Bonjour Gaston! ❤️ Welcome! #BeautyAndTheBeast

And it was made even better when Kevin Kline (Maurice) and Frozen's Josh Gad (Le Fou) were also signed up.

Well, now we get to see them all together for the first time thanks to this selfie.

Although some of the cast were missing.

Emma Thompson has signed up to play Mrs Potts, while Ian McKellen will bring Cogsworth to life. Other stars who have signed up to the film include Gugu Mbatha-Raw as Plumette, while Audra McDonald has been cast as Garderobe.

Now please hurry up so we can watch it...