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    7 Celebrities Who Are In The Triple Nipple Club

    Did you know one in eighteen men and one in fifty women has a third nipple?

    We all know about Chandler from Friends' third nipple.

    But which celebrities are in the triple nipple club in real life?

    1. Mark Wahlberg.

    He's previously talked about said extra nipple, explaining it is "the size of an infant's nipple".

    It even graced our movie screens when he filmed Shooter.

    2. Tilda Swinton.


    The actress has also spoken about her extra nipple, insisting she is "proud" of her "witch's mark".

    3. Harry Styles.

    Harry actually has four nipples... and he's perfectly happy to show them off. He has said: "They're a bit smaller than the other ones... I don't look like a cow or anything." Phew.

    4. Joanna Krupa.

    Frederick M. Brown / Getty Images

    The reality TV star insists it "looks just like a mole" but her doctor informed her it was in fact a third nipple.

    5. Lily Allen.

    Theo Wargo / WireImage

    She's laughed about it numerous times, revealing it "goes hard when you touch it".

    Here she is showing it off on the Friday Night Project.

    6. Bill Paxton.

    Imeh Akpanudosen / Getty Images

    The Titanic star has said of his secret: "I've got three nipples. Three. No one knows about that, but no one's ever asked me before. I guess it's about time I got it off my chest."

    7. And Carrie Underwood.


    Although she had hers removed because she was embarrassed by it.

    She had to make the revelation during her American Idol audition thanks to Simon Cowell.