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15 Increíbles obras de arte con espejos

Estos artistas te impresionarán.

Kevin Tang • 3 years ago
Cat And Girl • 5 years ago

10 Extremely Wry Illustrations About Our Future

"All the feels," tweets my grandchildren as they rub my e-tombstone. Comics by Toothpaste For Dinner!

Drew Toothpaste • 5 years ago

Neil Gaiman's Comics At Age 16

Hayley Campbell's The Art of Neil Gaiman offers exclusive glimpses into the author's artistic roots and romantic education.

Kevin Tang • 5 years ago
Ryan North • 5 years ago
SMBC • 5 years ago

Eric Orner's Comics Capture The Awkwardness Of Life In Israel

On awkward neighborly relations between Arabs and Jews, and shady real estate schemed aimed to gentrify poor Arab neighborhoods.

Kevin Tang • 5 years ago

9 Signs You're Over Your Ex

Corinne Mucha's "Get Over It!" is a balm for the heartbroken.

Kevin Tang • 5 years ago

4 Extremely Rude Skate Tricks

1,000,000 bonus points in Tony Hawk's Pro Skater. Comics by Gunshow!

Gunshow • 5 years ago

Animal Loneliness: An Interview With Norwegian Comics Star Jason

On waiting 10 years to be discovered, and what it means to make comics today. Plus an excerpt from Lost Cat.

Kevin Tang • 5 years ago

5 Literary Chipotle Cups We Wish Were Real

"A screaming GUACAMOLE IS AN EXTRA CHARGE comes across the sky."

Kevin Tang • 5 years ago

The Tech Industry (According To An Eight Year Old)

"Management is a head that eats problems they don't understand." A comic by Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal.

SMBC • 5 years ago

11 Weird Cat Habits We May Never Understand

Why do they like staring at blank walls so much?? And other questions from Cat Versus Human.

Yasmine Surovec • 5 years ago

7 Dangers Of Taking Cliched Advice Literally

"I had to kiss a few frogs to find Prince Charming." Uh oh. Comics by Amazing Super Powers!

Amazing Super Powers • 5 years ago

Why Being A Superhero Is The Worst Job Ever

"Terrible work-life balance. Haunted by crippling guilt for making out instead of saving lives."

Ryan North • 5 years ago

6 Hilariously Bleak Comics To Put Your Monday In Perspective

"Winning is a useless ideal due to the inevitability of death."

Gunshow • 5 years ago

How To Label Every Trend

Ideas for your next Tumblr music micro-genre by Cat And Girl.

Cat And Girl • 5 years ago

Beijing Hipsters Walk Cabbages On Leashes

Beijing performance art or Portlandia sketch? You decide.

Kevin Tang • 5 years ago
Alanna Okun • 5 years ago

House Of Chards: A Kevin Spacey Drama About Salad Lunches

Someone please open this salad bar.

Kevin Tang • 5 years ago