9 Signs You're Over Your Ex

    Corinne Mucha's "Get Over It!" is a balm for the heartbroken.

    It's always hard, in hindsight, not to get mad at yourself for how long it took you to get over an ex. The literature on heartbreak is littered with chirpy truisms that make anyone who doesn't instantly rebound feel like a sucker. "Get Over It!" is a comic that aims to be honest about how messily a break up can drag on. Corinne Much took three years to separate from a boyfriend she once imagined marrying. When a friend tells her that there's plenty of fish out there, she tells her "I don't date fish!"

    We're bombarded with romance all the time; rarer is the tale that gets you to root for the life-giving joys of letting go. Her comic turns a sober, intelligent eye to dissecting a lovelorn version of herself that she's since left behind. If this sounds like something you need right now, check out the whole comic at Secret Acres.