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    13 Mouthwatering Cicada Dishes For The Summer

    Buzz-feed your family in the oncoming cicada apocalypse.

    1. Imbue your pizza with some toothsome slime-nuggets.

    2. If you love your children, pack them a cicada sandwich...

    3. ...or bake cicada cookies and candy for their friends after soccer practice.

    4. Bring these to your office potluck. Get instant promotion.


    6. Cook up these dishes for a first date...



    9. ...and end the night with a scoop of cicada ice cream.

    10. (That ice cream is best served in a sugar-glazed cicada wing cup.)

    11. Treat your roommates to some cicada ramen.

    12. Or impress your graduation gala with fresh endive and goat cheese cicada hors d'oeuvres.

    13. Simba ate cicada larva. You think you're better than Simba?

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    In all seriousness, you're welcome to this PDF cookbook, though scientists warn that 17-year cicadas accumulate a lot of mercury in their lifetime. Bon appetit!