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    Updated on Aug 22, 2020. Posted on Feb 20, 2014

    12 Truest Comics About Bros

    Totes true, brah.

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    1. Tru brahs dig fiscal responsibility.

    2. Bros dress to the occasion.

    3. Honorable bros wears only the choicest swag and menswear.

    4. This is how to hug a bro.

    5. Sometimes, a college freshman will have the honor of witnessing an ironic bro's slip into true brodom.

    6. All bros speak brobonics.

    7. Frat bros endure harsh pledge terms for the privilege of chilling out.

    8. Bros teach each other a lot about romance.

    9. Sometimes bros settle their differences like this:

    10. Sometimes by stepping outside their Miami ultra-lounges.

    11. This is what bros mean by YOLO:

    12. Lastly: true brodom lasts til the afterlife. May yall play eternal rounds of Muscle Milk pong in heaven, brah.