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19 Struggles That'll Make Artists Say, "Ouch, Too Real"

"I'm very proud of this drawing." *1 min later* "I hate it."

21 Shopping Comics That Probably Everyone Can Relate To

"I'll just get some tealights from Ikea" *Buys everything except the tealights*

Which "Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina" Character Are You?

Let this quiz spell it out for you!

Trying To Be An Artist When You've Lost Your Childhood Bravery

An excerpt from Liana Finck's graphic memoir Passing for Human.

19 Thirsty AF Anime Tweets That Prove Crushing On Cartoons Is Totally Normal

If you've never watched anime, you're missing out on the sexiest guys in the game.

These Comics Show What It's Like To Live Between Two Cultures

Excerpts from Dami Lee's new book, Be Everything At Once.

Awkward Moments At The Chemist That Needn't Really Be Awkward To Begin With

"When will people learn that they're harmless products? Not tags!"

29 Comics For Anyone Who Is Shit At Doing "Girly Things"

This is for all of the people who don't believe in brushing their hair.

People Are Unhappy At How "The Simpsons" Responded To The Apu Controversy

In the episode "No Good Read Goes Unpunished", which aired last night, Lisa Simpson addressed the character of Apu: "Something that started decades ago and was applauded and inoffensive is now politically incorrect. What can you do?"

27 Comics That Perfectly Sum Up Being A Woman In Your Twenties

Does anyone even know how long you can go without washing your bra?

The Boy And The Tower: An Illustrated Journey Through Ambedkar's Life And Ideas

From a penniless Dalit with no prospects to the maker of India's constitution and the saviour of his people.

An Adult Comic Being Published In TOI Has People All Up In Arms Over Its Sexual Content

Parents have been left aghast by the graphic novel's adult themes and how easily children can access it.

9 Hilarious Realities Of Living With Overprotective Parents

"Why are you always in your room? Doing drugs? Why are you always outside? Doing drugs???"

8 Things You Will Relate To If You Are An Intern

Yes fellow intern, you're not alone.

11 Times Your Brain Was Your Worst Enemy

Is it just me or does your brain also hate you?

14 Stages Of Your Period As Told By Mr. Uterus

You think you have it bad? He thinks he has it worse.

12 Comics That Capture Life's Most Relatable Ironies

On samaaj, selfies, and so much more.

13 Times Your Own Brain Is The Enemy

Mind and body are not always known for cooperation.

Literally Just 9 Comics About House Plants

Plants have feelings too.

21 Things You Can Do Instead Of Thinking About Politics

Just in case you want to take your mind off things.

13 Truly Shitty Drawings That Summarise 2016 In India

Here's your special tour of the past year.

If "Harry Potter" Had Modern Technology

A good wizard never leaves home without a smartphone.

Sailor Senshi Imagined As Disney Princesses

Any pop culture aficionado is familiar with the skirt-wearing, evil-fighting, prism moon power heroine Sailor Moon. What would she and the Sailor Senshi look like if they were added to the Disney Princess lineup? I decided to find out!

The Best BuzzFeed Comics Of 2015

Here's to many more years of comics!

24 Realities Of Your Halloween

Have you even bought your costume yet?

21 Times You Used To Call Me On My Cell Phone

BuzzFeed Comics knows when that hotline bling.

21 Ways You Are Totally Winning At Life Right Now

You are crushing this whole 'living' thing.

21 Things You Could Stand To Appreciate A Little More

Everything tastes better at 3 a.m.

15 Ways We Actually Express Ourselves

As told by BuzzFeed Comics.

8 Comics About A Talking Dog Who Knows The Truth

Let's look back and watch the Crime Hound solve life's greatest mysteries.

11 Things You Shouldn't Let Get You Down

It's OK if that cat hates you.

7 Times We Were All Kidding Ourselves

BuzzFeed Comics helping you to live in delusion.

10 Comics Only Servers Will Understand

Do you really need to split the check six ways? Really?

12 Grim Realities Of Life

As told by BuzzFeed Comics.

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