4 Extremely Rude Skate Tricks

1,000,000 bonus points in Tony Hawk's Pro Skater. Comics by Gunshow!

Gunshow • 4 years ago

6 Hilariously Bleak Comics To Put Your Monday In Perspective

"Winning is a useless ideal due to the inevitability of death."

Gunshow • 4 years ago

The Most Moving Comic About Returning Home You'll Read Today

Every homecoming story is a ghost story. By K.C. Green.

Gunshow • 4 years ago

Your Desire For Coolness Will Eat You Alive

An animal comic parable by Gunshow. Real talk.

Gunshow • 4 years ago

8 Comics That Understand Your Disastrous Dating Life

"I had to screw a few salamanders before I found a decent guy!"

Amazing Super Powers • 4 years ago

Doing Homework On Sunday: The Video Game

Where's the Nintendo hot-line for my life?

Gunshow • 4 years ago
Jeremy Kaye • 4 years ago

If Animals Had To Work Office Jobs

Office meeting presentation: "RHINOS ACTUALLY smALL Draggins."

Gunshow • 4 years ago

6 Comics Too Clever For Their Own Good

Waiting for a drink at the punch line? The punchline never came.

Cyanide And Happiness • 4 years ago

This Comic Basically Sums Up Tax Season

What happens when you expose tiny animals to human stress?

Gunshow • 5 years ago

8 Awkward Moments In Teaching Your Parents How To Use Computers

"Son, I'm doing this for your own good." [DELETES INTERNET EXPLORER ICON]

Cyanide And Happiness • 5 years ago

11 Illustrated Truths About Making Art

Getting your best ideas at 3am = goodbye sleep.

Cat And Girl • 5 years ago

The True Reason Babies Cry

Babies having #AllTheFeels #Crying #LiterallyScreamingIRL. Gunshow Comic knows why.

Gunshow • 5 years ago

9 Comics To Read On Sunday Morning

The best strips this week from our syndicated cartoonists!

Kevin Tang • 5 years ago

8 Illustrated Truths About Getting Sick In America

"Here's a fistful of Tylenol. Your copay is $500,000."

Amazing Super Powers • 5 years ago

Which Deadly Sin Will Actually Kill You?

YOUR FATE: predicted in comic strips.

Kevin Tang • 5 years ago

12 Comics That Teach You How To Be PUNK AS HELL


Kevin Tang • 5 years ago

6 Short Comics To Warm Your Heart On A Cold Day

Hugs courtesy of the polar vortex.

Gunshow • 5 years ago

Which Comic Describes Your Next Reincarnation As A Wild Animal?

Comic strip fortunetelling by KC Green. "Whoa, this is so accurate." -Albert Einstein, who is now a dolphin.

Kevin Tang • 5 years ago

The Post-College Version Of The "Farmer's Riddle"

A farmer needs to bring a fox, a hen, and a sack of corn across adulthood. Comic by KC Green.

Gunshow • 5 years ago

12 Truest Comics About Bros

Totes true, brah.

Kevin Tang • 5 years ago

When Nerds Learn Machismo

What happens when suburban nerds steal a trucker's bicep? A surreal comic by KC Green.

Gunshow • 5 years ago

What Early 2000s Internet Forums Were Like

RUDE AS HELL is what they were.

Gunshow • 5 years ago

12 Comics That Will Ruin Your Childhood

What's Airbud up to these days? You don't want to know.

Kevin Tang • 5 years ago

16 Comics That Socially Nervous People Understand

Cringe in the corner and feel really badly about yourself.

Kevin Tang • 5 years ago

8 Accurate Comics About The Anxiety Of Writers

"Was it worth avoiding my friends to revise my novel for the 400th time?"

Kevin Tang • 5 years ago

12 Delightfully Passive Aggressive Comics


Kevin Tang • 5 years ago

"Sonic The Hedgehog" Rewritten As A Family Tragedy

With sympathies for Dr. Robotnik. Short story by Gunshow Comic.

Gunshow • 5 years ago

10 Comics That Capture The Anxiety Of Graduation

Break your heart on Monster.com.

Kevin Tang • 5 years ago
Kevin Tang • 5 years ago

11 Highly Accurate Comics About Smartphones

You're reading this from the bathroom.

Kevin Tang • 5 years ago

This Comic Understands Your Google Paranoia

Family and Google search histories never mix. By Gunshow Comic.

Gunshow • 5 years ago
Gunshow • 5 years ago