The Cast Of Guess Who? And Their Celebrity Doppelgängers

All 24 of Guess Who’s characters and the (albeit a stretch of) famous people who look like them.

1. Are you unsure of his “real” name?

2. Biggie Shorty from Pootie Tang?

3. Did you recently enjoy watching him fall into water?

4. Sad Draper in hat?

Fun Fact: Don is never sad when wearing a hat.

5. Gene Herman?

7. The guy from 30 Rock? No no no 3rdddd Rock…

8. Chuck or “Charles” Norris was a close second

9. Honorable mention…the French.

Tom never played a character named Alex - not a once!

10. Much Respect…

11. Did she play Mona Lisa Vito?

“The car that made these two, equal-length tire marks had positraction. You can’t make those marks without positraction, which was not available on the ‘64 Buick Skylark!” - Mona

12. Things Larry David doesn’t care about…

13. Would you rather see Michael Douglas in “Anchor Man” or Will Ferrell in “Falling Down”?

Will Douglas

14. Believable Hobbit, not so much as a Soccer Hooligan…

15. Professor Keenbean from 1994’s Ri¢hie Ri¢h?

16. Kevin Franklin?

House Guest (1995)

17. Victor Garber…

18. Allie Calhoun?

Gena Rowlands played older Rachel McAdams in the Notebook…

19. What Grandma Muppet (babies) face most likely resembled?

20. Young Obi-Wan?

Why were they all Icelandic males?

22. Is it the Dad from Family Ties?

Steve Keaton

23. Charlize Theron as Rita Leeds (Arrested Development)

24. Faces you make when you lose “Guess Who” or an election….

25. The Who’s

26. The Celebs

27. For your Pinning Pleasure…

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