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What TV Boyfriend Can You Absolutely Not Stand?

Looking at you, Ross Geller.

There's no doubt that some TV boyfriends can set the bar pretty high for romance.

Sometimes, you might find yourself watching a character and thinking, "Wow, what a perfect boyfriend! Maybe true love does exist!"

But do you ever watch a TV show and realize, "Hey, this guy is actually kind of the WORST?!!"

Maybe you think Dan from Gossip Girl was a terrible boyfriend and don't understand why on earth Serena kept going back to him.

Maybe you'd like Nate Jacobs from Euphoria to stay far, far away from everyone because his manipulative, cruel ways are so scary.

Or maybe you have a more controversial opinion, like just not getting all the hype about Jughead on Riverdale because you secretly think he's kind of pretentious and annoying.

Tell us in the comments who you think is the worst TV boyfriend and exactly why you loathe them so much!!! Your response could be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post!