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11 Reasons "Teenage Bounty Hunters" Didn't Deserve To Be Canceled

Netflix, I just wanna talk.

Greetings, fellow TV nerds. Today, I'm here to talk to you about a little show called Teenage Bounty Hunters.

The 2020 series revolves around a pair of fraternal twins*, Blair and Sterling, who become, well, undercover teenage bounty hunters. Despite critical acclaim and stellar ratings, the Netflix comedy-drama was sadly canceled after just one season — which is a HUGE bummer.

Here's what instantly came up when I googled "Teenage Bounty Hunters" just now:

Google results that all relate to asking if there will be more Teenage Bounty Hunters or why it was canceled

I've been thinking lately about how great this show was and how much I miss it. So, I present to you, all the reasons why Teenage Bounty Hunters absolutely deserved another season:

🚨 Warning: MAJOR spoilers ahead!!! 🚨

1. First of all, the chemistry between Blair and Sterling's actors (Anjelica Bette Fellini and Maddie Phillips, respectively) as sisters is incredible.


April saying she's a lesbian and that she's part of God's plan, while Sterling says she doesn't want to label herself, but likes girls and boys

3. Let's talk more about Sterling and April's relationship, shall we? Because I'm obsessed with everything about it.

View this video on YouTube

Netflix / Via youtu.be

I literally YELLED at their first kiss — everything about this scene was perfect. Their enemies-to-lovers dynamic truly has me in a chokehold. I loved how their relationship was given just as much depth and screen time as the show's other pairings. I will forever be upset that we aren't getting another season of this chemistry.

4. Speaking of relationships, I also really fell in love with the dynamic between Blair and Miles.

Blair asking for forgiveness because she didn't know Miles was hot, Miles asking "You think I'm hot" and then turning to his friends to say "She thinks I'm hot"

5. The show handled the topic of sex better than like 99% of teen dramas.

Sterling saying she doesn't know if she wants to have sex, Luke saying she doesn't have to do anything she doesn't want to, and her saying "But I don't know if I don't want to have sex"

6. Bowser's dynamic with the girls — and just his character in general! — was so entertaining and endearing.

Bowser busy with something at work, but when Sterling calls him crying, he stops what he was doing and says "Hey, baby girl, everything okay?"

7. The social commentary was excellent — they did a great job of exploring tough topics without making it feel like you were watching an after-school special or presenting only one side of the issue.

8. Even with serious themes, the show was pretty freakin' hilarious.

9. The mystery format was really, really good!

10. The twist with their mom was probably one of the only well-executed examples I've seen of the whole "secret evil twin" trope.

A character laughing and saying "Guess you got me, I'm your mama's sister"

11. And finally, THAT CLIFFHANGER!!!

A woman labeled "Mom" with a shotgun, while a woman labeled "Aunt" says "Sterling, you are MY daughter"

Teenage Bounty Hunters, I will never be over you 💔.

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