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    22 Devastating TV Breakup Scenes That Broke People's Hearts

    "I think I may have loved you, but I just need to let it go."

    We recently asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us which TV breakup scenes they're still not over. Here are some of their responses:

    Spoilers ahead!

    1. Jess and Nick from New Girl

    Jess says loving each other is the only thing she and Nick have in common

    "They were perfect together. Even though I knew they’d eventually get back together, I was super pissed when they broke up."


    2. Fitz and Olivia from Scandal

    Olivia says Fitz is suffocating her, Fitz says he was only trying to save them

    "Their love story had always been the main focal point of the show, and fans had finally gotten what they wanted. Their Season 5 breakup was a mess and I just totally lost interest in them as a couple afterward."


    3. Maggie and Alex from Supergirl

    Alex tells Maggie they can't be together
    The CW

    "Watching them break up while they were still in love was so painful, especially after seeing Alex's whole coming out journey."


    4. Ted and Alexis from Schitt's Creek

    Alexis and Ted mutually break up in Season 6

    "As much as I love the show, I wasn’t the biggest fan of the ending they gave Alexis. She and Ted were great together, and I understand why they had to break up, but it was just disappointing."


    5. Brooke and Lucas from One Tree Hill

    Brooke says she's not pushing Lucas away, she's holding on for "dear life" and pleads with him to let her "all the way in"
    The WB

    "Brooke crying, 'Why won't you ever just let me all the way in?' breaks my damn heart every time."


    6. Mindy and Danny from The Mindy Project


    "It was more how the scene was written and acted. Mindy measuring Leo's crib and the space in her closet when she decided to move out was such a heartbreaking way to depict their breakup."


    7. Veronica and Logan from Veronica Mars

    Logan tells Veronica they can either take a small amount of pain and break up now or stay together and face unbearable pain later

    "Every time they broke up, it made me cry. They're forever one of my favorite TV couples."


    8. Willow and Tara from Buffy the Vampire Slayer

    The WB

    "Michelle Branch's 'Goodbye to You' playing while Tara packs her stuff and Willow cries on the floor makes me so emotional."


    9. Santana and Brittany from Glee

    Santana sings "Mine" by Taylor Swift to Brittany and realizes they're not working out anymore

    "When Santana broke into tears while singing 'Mine,' I couldn't help but cry as well. I know their relationship works out later in the series, but this song really captured the melancholy nostalgia of high school heartbreak."


    10. Ian and Mickey from Shameless


    "I don’t care that they got back together, their breakup scene broke me."


    11. Jess and Rory from Gilmore Girls

    The WB

    "My little college heart broke when she said she might have loved him."


    12. Omar and Ander from Elite

    Ander breaks up with Omar and then sobs into his pillow

    I know they eventually end up together, but their Season 3 breakup absolutely wrecked me. I'll never forgive the writers for making Omar cheat, and the fact that he and Ander never even properly discussed it makes it worse.

    13. Pacey and Joey from Dawson's Creek

    Pacey says he's taking his failures out on Joey and she reminds him that he can control how he treats her
    The WB

    "Every time I rewatch the show, I have to fast forward through the actual breakup scene. It’s too much for my brittle heart."


    14. Archie and Josie from Riverdale

    Archie kisses Josie's forehead and lets her go
    The CW

    It's not the most dramatic breakup scene, but it felt so realistic and genuine. Something about the way he kisses her forehead just gets to me.

    15. Spencer and Toby from Pretty Little Liars

    Spencer cries at Toby's door: "Please tell me that there's more to the story"

    "In all of the utter ridiculousness that was Pretty Little Liars, I really felt for Spencer when she broke down crying at Toby's door, asking for an explanation and getting no answer."


    16. Chuck and Blair from Gossip Girl

    Blair says she never thought the worst thing Chuck did would be to her
    The CW

    "I don't even like them together, but it broke me when Blair cried and said all she ever did was love him. Leighton Meester was amazing in that scene."


    17. Hanna and Caleb from Pretty Little Liars

    Caleb sobbing as he drives away

    "They broke up twice, but the saddest one was when he left town — seeing Caleb crying in the car as he left was so heartbreaking. They still loved each other and didn't stop, ever."


    18. Imogen and Fiona from Degrassi: The Next Generation

    Imogen and Fiona share a final kiss at graduation

    "I feel like they ruined Imogen's character just to break them up."


    19. Finn and Rachel from Glee

    Finn tells Rachel to go to New York and be a star without him

    "Lea Michele's acting was incredible and I still tear up every time I watch the scene."


    20. Buffy and Angel from Buffy the Vampire Slayer

    Buffy to Angel: "Is this really happening?"
    The WB

    "While it was better for the characters to move on and better for the series, the whole breakup was acted perfectly and you could really feel the heartbreak."


    21. Sam and Freddie from iCarly

    Sam and Freddie mutually break up in the elevator

    "I know it may sound childish, but their breakup really got to me when I was younger. They were a great couple and should have stayed together through the show."


    22. And finally, Luke and Lorelai from Gilmore Girls

    Luke shows up at Lorelai's doorstep and tells her he's ready to get married, but she tells him she slept with Christopher
    The WB

    "Even though they reunite in the end, watching them fall apart really broke my heart, mostly because it was so gradual and realistic."


    Note: Submissions have been edited for length and clarity. Not all entries were from community users.

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