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    18 TV First Kisses That Made Everyone Cheer And Maybe Cry

    It's all about the release of that sweet, sweet sexual tension.

    1. Nick and Jess β€” New Girl

    2. Simon and Alisha β€” Misfits

    3. Fleabag and Hot Priest β€” Fleabag

    4. Jamie and Dani β€” The Haunting of Bly Manor

    5. Sookie and Eric β€” True Blood

    6. Ross and Rachel β€” Friends

    7. Magnus and Alec β€” Shadowhunters

    8. Jane and Rafael β€” Jane the Virgin

    9. Emma and Hook β€” Once Upon a Time

    10. Donna and Harvey β€” Suits

    11. Maeve and Isaac β€” Sex Education

    12. David and Patrick – Schitt's Creek

    13. Mindy and Danny β€” The Mindy Project

    14. Clarke and Lexa β€” The 100

    15. Luke and Lorelai β€” Gilmore Girls

    16. Alicia and Will β€” The Good Wife

    17. Willow and Tara β€” Buffy the Vampire Slayer

    18. Logan and Veronica β€” Veronica Mars

    What is your fave first kiss on TV?