27 TV Couple Moments That Pissed Fans Off So Much, They Stopped Rooting For The Relationship Altogether

    Some things you just can't come back from.

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us which TV couple moments were so bad, they ruined the relationship altogether. Here are some of their responses:

    🚨 Warning: SPOILERS AHEAD!!! 🚨

    Note: Some of the following contain mentions of sexual assault.

    1. First, when Schmidt cheated on Cece with Elizabeth on New Girl.

    Schmidt tells Cece he's been cheating on her

    2. When Beckett left Castle on Castle.

    3. When Joe and Love said "I wolf you" to each other on YOU.

    4. When Rachel cheated on Finn because she found out he slept with Santana before they were even together on Glee.

    Rachel tells Finn she wanted to make him "feel as bad as she felt," Finn says he knew she was a lot of things but never thought she was mean

    5. When Blaine cheated on Kurt on Glee.

    6. When Archie and Veronica's relationship became all about sex on Riverdale.

    Archie and Veronica hook up in jail

    7. And when Veronica told Archie they couldn't break up because they were "endgame" on Riverdale.

    Archie: "I saw our whole future," Veronica: "Because we're endgame Archie"

    8. When Chuck traded Blair for a hotel on Gossip Girl.

    Blair says she would have done anything to help Chuck if he'd just asked, Chuck says he did what he had to do to win

    9. When Amy pressured Jake into having kids on Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

    Jake: "I don't want to bring a human being into this world unless I'm 100% ready to take care of it"

    10. When Clarke shot and killed Bellamy on The 100.

    Clarke shoots Bellamy

    11. When Daphne sexually assaulted Simon by trying to get him to impregnate her without his consent on Bridgerton.

    12. When Michael was seemingly killed off and then came back with amnesia as "Jason" on Jane the Virgin.

    Michael returns

    13. When Alex left Jo for Izzie on Grey's Anatomy.

    Alex leaves Jo a note saying he loves her but is also in love with Izzie

    14. When Meredith told Derek, "Pick me, choose me, love me" on Grey's Anatomy.

    Meredith tells Derek she loves him and to pick her

    15. When Guzmán and Nadia broke up because they couldn't handle long distance on Elite.

    16. When Omar cheated on Ander while he was going through chemotherapy on Elite.

    17. And when Omar and Ander both cheated on each other with Patrick on Elite.

    Ander tells Omar he hooked up with Patrick but that "it was just sex," Omar hooks up with Patrick later that same episode

    18. When Jim surprised Pam by buying his parents' house for them without talking to her first on The Office.

    19. When Rory and Dean slept together while he was married on Gilmore Girls.

    20. When Fitz declared war to "save" Olivia on Scandal.

    Olivia confronts Fitz for going to war

    21. When Lucas and Peyton went behind Brooke's back on One Tree Hill.

    Lucas says he doesn't want to hurt Brooke but he needs to be with Peyton, kisses Peyton

    22. When Mutt and Alexis had no idea how to communicate on Schitt's Creek.

    Alexis: "Maybe I need to talk less and listen more and you need to talk more and listen less," Mutt falls silent

    23. When Spike attempted to rape Buffy on Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

    24. When Asher and Olivia had relationship problems in Season 3 of All American.

    Asher tells Olivia he "connected" with Vanessa in Mexico over the summer

    25. When Jane cheated on Spinner with Declan on Degrassi: The Next Generation.

    Jane kisses Declan

    26. When Tristan repeatedly invalidated Miles' bisexuality on Degrassi: Next Class.

    Tristan: "Decisive my ass, you can't even decide if you like boys or girls"

    27. And finally, the whole "We were on a break!" mess between Ross and Rachel on Friends.

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