Literally Just 19 Adorable Andrew Garfield Moments From This Awards Season

    Andrew Garfield is the only man I need in my life.

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    1. First, when he made this iconic entrance at the Film Independent Spirit Awards:

    Andrew gesturing at the photographers at the Independent Spirit Awards while rocking tinted sunglasses

    Glasses on 🤓...

    Glasses off!

    2. When he and his girlfriend, Alyssa Miller, made their red carpet debut at the SAG Awards:

    The couple looking lovingly into each other's eyes
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    3. And when he posed with the other love of his life, this In-N-Out burger:

    4. When he and Lin-Manuel Miranda shared a laugh at the Producers Guild Awards:

    5. When he and Jude Hill were equally excited to see each other at the Critics Choice Awards:

    6. When he was just happy to be there:

    7. When he and Rita Moreno had a sweet moment:

    8. When he and Marlee Matlin posed for the carpet at the AFI Awards:

    9. When he accepted his Spotlight award from Judith Hill at the Costume Designers Guild Awards:

    10. When he made his entrance at the Oscars and looked ~damn fine~:

    11. When he and Benedict Cumberbatch were way too adorable on the red carpet...

    12. ...and when Jamie Dornan wanted in on the Andrew love:

    "It's okay, Jamie, I still love you."

    13. When he and Jamie struck a pose with Amelia Warner:

    14. When he and Zendaya delighted Spider-Man: No Way Home stans everywhere with this glorious photo opp:

    15. And when the duo continued to be flawless:

    16. When he and Jessica Chastain made each other laugh:

    They're just excited to see each other!

    17. Whatever exactly is going on here ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ :

    18. When he checked his phone during the chaos of the Oscars and launched a billion memes:

    19. And finally:

    Andrew forevahhhhh. 💕

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