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    Andrew Garfield And His Girlfriend, Alyssa Miller, Made Their Red Carpet Debut As A Couple, And I Need You To See How Stunning They Both Looked

    He found the MJ Watson to his Peter Parker!

    You know Andrew Garfield — aka Peter Parker from The Amazing Spider-Man and Jonathan Larson from Tick, Tick... Boom!

    on the red carpet, Andrew wears a pinstriped suit and a classy watch, and he poses with his hands folded in front of him

    And if you don't already, you should also know Alyssa Miller — model, singer, and creator of this cool "Zombie girl" playlist.

    wearing jeans and a lacy blouse, Alyssa poses in front of a neon sign

    ICYMI, these two lovely people have been spotted together since November 2021.

    dressed in cozy, casual outfits, they walk hand-in-hand in Soho

    And I swear their relationship is straight out of "Stay Stay Stay" by Taylor Swift.

    in a closeup, Andrew tilts his head towards Alyssa and talks to her

    "You carry my groceries..."

    Alyssa hands Andrew a paper grocery bag, which he loads into the car

    "And now I'm always laughing..."

    wearing workout clothes, they hold hands and laugh while jogging down the street

    At last night's SAG Awards, they finally made their stunning debut as a couple in coordinating black suits.

    Andrew is in his pinstriped suit, and Alyssa wears a similar suit with a lace undershirt

    Total power couple vibes.

    in a closeup, Andrew looks to the side while Alyssa stares directly into the camera

    We need these two to star in a rom-com STAT!

    turning to face each other, they can't help but smile

    Well, I can't wait to see what incredible red carpet looks they pull for the rest of awards season! Here's to the happy couple!