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There's Going To Be A Very Weird Disney Easter Egg In "Moana"

One of these makes sense, and one does not.

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Moana directors Ron Clements and John Musker have a long history with Disney, and they include Easter eggs in all their projects. In The Little Mermaid, for example, they snuck Mickey, Goofy, and Donald Duck into Triton's entrance scene.

Even all the way back in 1986, with their writing and directing debut, The Great Mouse Detective, they included an Easter egg. Look, it’s Bill the Lizard from Alice in Wonderland.

So what can we look for during Moana? "Flounder does appear in this movie," Musker told BuzzFeed at a press event for Moana in July. "You’ll have to find Flounder. I won’t say where."

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