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32 Fantasy Movies Every Nerd Needs To See Before They Die

Magic is everywhere.

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We asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us what fantasy movies all geeks should see before they die. Here are some of their most magical responses.

1. "Pan's Labyrinth. If you can get past that it's a foreign film, it's an amazing movie. It's scary but also beautiful. If you've never watched it, you should. You won't regret it."

—Heaven Mullins , Facebook

2. "The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus. It's Heath Ledger's last role. The imagery alone makes it stand out — I could watch it a million times and still see something I haven't before."

—Amber Rodriguez, Facebook

3. "The Dark Crystal. It's so haunting and strange. When you think "1980s + Jim Henson + fantasy" you automatically think of Labyrinth, but The Dark Crystal is great in a different, more subtle and creative way."

—Hilary Mitchell, Facebook


4. "47 Ronin. Keanu Reeves plays a badass half-demon."

—Bernadette Ochoa, Facebook

5. "Red Sonja. This one is a must-see, it features a badass female warrior played by Brigitte Nielsen."

—Carrie Richards, Facebook

6. "The 10th Kingdom — technically it's a mini-series, not a movie, but still. It's seven hours long, but you won't get bored. Set aside the time, because you're going to want to."

—Amber Jones, Facebook

7. "The Lord of the Rings. The extended editions, if possible. Just don't try and watch all of them at once."

—Jennifer Graham, Facebook

8. "Dragonheart. a true must-see."

—Lindsay Kottmann, Facebook

9. "The Book of Life. I forced my mom to take it with her once when she was babysitting and the next day she told me that it was one of the most beautiful animated movies she had ever seen."

—Monika Porch, Facebook

10. "The Chronicles Of Narnia. Especially The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe, but also the entire series. They're beautiful films with all the classic fantasy elements."

—Meredith Miller, Facebook

11. "Legend. Tim Curry steals the show."

—Kate Sherman-Munro, Facebook

12. "Mirror Mask. From the mind of Neil Gaiman, this movie is like Coraline on an acid trip. A girl gets sucked into an alternate fantasy dimension and must find the fabled Mirror Mask in order to save the kingdom and get home."

—Cassie Freeman, Facebook

13. "Erik the Viking. Always."

—Michelle Pearce, Facebook

14. "Bedknobs and Broomsticks. It was always a favorite of mine when I was little."

—Callie Yaeger, Facebook

15. "Princess Mononoke. Every Miyazaki movie, but especially this one."

—Sean Bridges, Facebook


16. "Star Wars. No, it's not sci-fi. It's space fantasy."

—Josiah Coulter, Facebook

17. "Ladyhawke. Why is no one saying Ladyhawke?"

— Kendra McAllister, Facebook

18. "Brazil. It's maybe a little over into the sci-fi genre, but not by much. Excellent film, excellent cast, excellent cinematography, excellent writing."

—Tammy Cady, Facebook

19. "Harry Potter. Watch it, read it — it’s just such a good experience. I was so skeptical about it, but my sister finally convinced me after years and years. It’s so magical and whimsical. It's changed my life for the better."


20. "Return to Oz. I don’t know why, but when I was young I found this to be such a strange movie. I guess that’s why I still like it."


21. "The Last Unicorn. The story of a unicorn trying to discover if she is truly the last of her kind, and the companions she finds along the way. It’s a wonderful fantasy for all ages."

Samantha Hein

22, "The Princess Bride. I never get tired of it."


23. "The NeverEnding Story. It’s a classic."



24. "The Black Cauldron. It's probably Disney’s most underrated movie. If you haven’t seen this go ahead and check it out. You won’t regret it."


25. "Coraline. So imaginative; there really isn’t anything like it out there. Neil Gaiman is an amazing author, and Laika Studios did a stunning job adapting his novel."


26. "Labyrinth. absolutely the greatest movie of all time. It's simply a lifelong classic that I will show my children and my grandchildren. I even require my friends to watch it at least once."

Keely Pollard

27. "Howl’s Moving Castle. It teaches you how to be confident, strong and whimsical."


28. "Stardust. It's one of my all-time favorite movies. Every time I watch it, my worries melt away and I find myself adventuring in Stormhold."

—Monika Porch, Facebook

29. "The Wizard of Oz. Everyone’s already seen it, but I think it's the best fantasy movie ever made. I took it for granted myself until I re-watched it a year ago and I now have a newfound appreciation for how magical it is."

Bespectacled Heroine

30. "Spirited Away. If this film doesn’t inspire young girls to endure their own hardships while awakening their imagination, then I don’t know what will."


31. "Big Fish. One of Tim Burton’s best films. The visuals, the music, and the characters are so great. The stories within the stories are amazing. It has a weirdness and cleverness that other movies have tried and failed to achieve."


32. "Willow. The answer to this will never not be Willow."

—Cassie Jean, Facebook

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