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    21 Office Products That'll Upgrade Your Workspace

    It'll be your home away from home.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. An ergonomic monitor riser that'll elevate your computer or laptop to a more comfortable height. It has silicone padding on the bottom to keep it from moving and a little nook underneath to store your small office items.

    A laptop that is on a high metal stand with a keyboard and mouse on the desk
    Amazon / Via

    It's wide enough to support most monitors and holds up to 44 pounds.

    Get it from Amazon Canada for $34.99+. Available in three sizes.

    2. A pair of over-ear headphones that'll tune out the noise so you can concentrate on studying without being disturbed. They also have a built-in microphone for Zoom meetings and hands-free phone calls.

    A pair of headphones lying on a desk
    @urbanears / Via

    "These guys also include a slew of neat little features that make using them super easy and downright enjoyable pleasant to use, like a toggle knob that allows you to switch songs, change the volume, and even answer phone calls — without ever having to take out your phone." —Victoria Kuglin

    Check out BuzzFeed's full review of the Urbanears Plattan Headphones (#6 on the list).

    Get it from Amazon Canada for $92.52+. Available in four colours.

    3. A seat cushion that'll make your chair feel like an extra-plushy throne. The memory foam molds itself to your body and helps support your tailbone, lower back, spine, and hips.

    A comfy seat cushion on an swivel desk chair in front of a desk
    Amazon / Via

    Get it from Amazon Canada for $29.99+. Available in three colours.

    4. A pack of Sharpie gel pens that'll write like an absolute dream. The ink dries down quickly so it won’t bleed through your paper or smudge if you write with your left hand.

    Kat Angus/BuzzFeed

    "I saw someone on TikTok rave about these, and I was like, 'How good can they really be?' Y'all, they're THAT good. I'm an office supply junkie, and I love a smooth pen, and these pens are silky, silky smooth. (Please forgive my terrible handwriting in the GIF above.) I'm so glad I bought a whole box of them because these are the only pens I'm using from now on." —Kat Angus

    Check out BuzzFeed's full review of the Sharpie S Gel Pens (#1 on the list).

    Get a pack of four from Amazon Canada for $7.99+. Also available in packs of 12.

    5. A water bottle that'll encourage you to drink enough water. It has a time marker on the side to remind you how much water you need to drink throughout the work day and it’s big enough that you won’t have to constantly refill it.

    A person holding a large water bottle with sliced cucumbers inside
    Amazon / Via

    Get it from Amazon Canada for $19.96+. Available in two sizes and ten colours.

    6. A ceramic mug that'll keep your drink deliciously hot so you won't have to reheat your cup of coffee after a few hours. You can set it to the perfect temperature using the Ember App on your phone and it'll last up to an hour before it needs to be charged.

    Amazon / Via

    It comes with a charging base that you can leave on your desk.

    Get it from Amazon Canada for $192.40. Available in two colours.

    7. An instant stain remover pen that'll remove fresh stains on your shirt before you leave the house. It'll come in handy for the times you accidentally spill something on yourself and don't have time to change your entire outfit.

    Amazon / Via

    Get it from Amazon Canada for $3.97.

    8. A pack of interlocking drawer organizers that'll transform your junk drawer into an orderly oasis for all your office knickknacks. Reviewers like that they come in different sizes so they can arrange them in drawers of any shape and size.

    A open desk drawer with containers of different sizes Office supplies like pencils, scissors, and elastic bands are organized in each bin
    Amazon / Via

    Get a pack of eight from Amazon Canada for $17.31.

    9. A Post-it note dispenser that'll hand out a single sheet at a time so you can tear off a note with just one hand.

    A sticky note pad dispenser next to a closed laptop on a desk
    Amazon / Via

    Get it on Amazon Canada for $14.15+. Available in three colours.

    10. A desk organizer with multiple compartments to help organize your workspace. It's also adjustable so you can play around with the shape when you put it together.

    A wooden desk organizer with different shelves that have books and plant pots on them
    Amazon / Via

    Get it from Amazon Canada for $53.99

    11. An adorable bento box that'll encourage you to bring lunch from home every day. It has two tiers so you can organize your food into separate containers and a thick elastic band to keep them from shifting when they're in your bag.

    Amazon / Via

    Get it from Amazon Canada for $27.99+. Available in four colours.

    12. Or a mini Crock-Pot so you can heat up your lunch from the comfort of your desk. The handle makes it easy to carry between your house and office and it has a removable food container if you want to leave the base at work.

    A small slow cooker with a lid on a table
    Amazon / Via

    It holds up to 20 ounces of food and will slowly warm your food.

    Get it from Amazon Canada for $33.24+. Available in four colours.

    13. A waterproof desk pad that’ll add a pop of colour while also protecting your desk from scratches, spills, and other stains. Plus, it’s double-sided so you can change up the look whenever you want.

    A large faux leather desk pad covers desktop with a computer, keyboard and mouse on it
    Amazon / Via

    It's made of non-slip faux leather that is durable and smooth enough to act as a mouse pad, too.

    Get it from Amazon Canada for $17.99+. Available in six colours.

    14. A transparent memo board that'll keep all your sticky notes in plain sight. It sticks to the side of your computer and even has a slot at the bottom to hold your phone.

    A long slim memo board attached to the side of computer screen
    Amazon / Via

    Get it from Amazon Canada for $14.99.

    15. A footrest that'll make working at your desk WAY more comfortable. The platform tilts back and forth so you can easily stretch your legs at your desk. Plus, you can use the textured surface as a mini massager for your feet.

    A person sitting on the desk with a small footrest underneath
    Amazon / Via

    Get it from Amazon Canada for $49.99.

    16. A set of stainless steel utensils that you can use to eat your lunch instead of the single-use plastic alternatives. They come with a little container if you want to keep them at your desk or carry around them with you.

    Amazon / Via

    Get it from Amazon Canada for $24.68+. Available in six colours.

    17. A super-cute lady bug vacuum cleaner that'll suck up small crumbs and dirt on your table, desk, or counter. It only works on dry particles but it's a great device to have in your office if you eat lunch at your desk.

    Kaysey Davis/BuzzFeed

    It's a lot more powerful than I thought it would be. I recently knocked over a plant and it picked up every last speck of dirt on my table and floor. It even has a brush on the bottom that'll pick up loose hair, too. I usually keep it on my desk because it looks super cute there and it helps me clean up small messes, as soon as they happen.

    Get it from Amazon Canada for $15.98+. Available in two colours.

    18. A wrist rest that'll give you all the support you need. It's made with soft memory foam that won't lose its shape over time and has a rubber bottom that'll keep it from sliding around on your desk.

    A person typing on their computer with a long fabric wrist rest underneath their arms
    Amazon / Via

    Get it from Amazon Canada for $24.99.

    19. An adjustable stand that'll perch your phone at the perfect angle while you sit at your desk. The stand can hold your device whether it’s sitting vertically or horizontally, and it’s tall enough to accommodate a charger.

    BuzzFeed / Maitland Quitmeyer

    "I love my iPhone but I hate that I have to pick it up + point it at my face to unlock it. When the group texts come raining in during the work day, I’d like to be able to glance at them without taking the time to pick up, scroll through, and then putting it back down — my FOMO-y self needs to be sure the texts can wait until my next break for a reply! I can keep those group text updates truly ~at a glance~ — without interrupting my flow until I take a break later." — Maitland Quitmeyer

    Check out BuzzFeed's full review of the Adjustable Cell Phone Stand (#4 on the list).

    Get it from Amazon Canada for $12.74+. Available in four colours.

    20. A desk organizer set that'll help you declutter your workspace and keep all your important documents in plain sight. This set is super chic and it'll save you a ton of space at your desk, too.

    A metal magazine holder, A pencil holder, and a paper tray on a table
    Amazon / Via

    The set includes one magazine holder, one pen cup, one mail holder, and a paper tray.

    Get it from Amazon Canada for $33.99+. Available in two colours.

    21. And finally, a weekly planner you can keep by your desk as you plan your schedule. There's enough space to write down appointments and special occasions for each day, along with sections at the bottom to write down important tasks, notes, and goals.

    A weekly planner with a pencil next to it
    Amazon / Via

    And when the week is up, you can tear away the sheet and start fresh. There are 50 undated sheets so you can choose what weeks you'd like to plan for.

    Get it from Amazon Canada for $33.74.

    You in your new and improved office:

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