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    46 Practical Things For Your Bathroom That You Didn't Know You Needed

    You'll actually want to spend more time in the bathroom.

    1. A set of fluffy cotton towels that will upgrade your bathroom decor. They have a thick and luxurious feel, and reviewers love how soft, durable, and absorbent they are!

    2. A Squatty Potty that'll make it WAY easier to poop. The stool will help you into a comfortable squatting position, which is supposed to be better for your body than sitting. Reviewers say it helps reduce the amount of time they spend in the bathroom.

    A person sitting on a toilet with a small stool under their feet

    3. An extra-large handle that'll help you keep your balance as you get in and out of the shower or bathtub. It's easy to install and move around, if you don't want a permanent bar. Just place on a dry surface and pull the latches down to secure it.

    4. A long and flexible drain snake that has over 4,000 tiny hooks to pick up all the gunk and debris hiding in your kitchen and bathroom pipes. It’ll save you time and money in the long run, because you won’t have to hire a plumber or buy chemical drain cleaners. It’s absolutely disgusting, but incredibly satisfying to use.

    5. A revolving makeup organizer that is the beauty equivalent of Cher Horowitz's closet. It'll save you a bunch of space, and the shelves are also adjustable, so you can fit all of your makeup and skincare products.

    A multi-tiered shelf filled with beauty products

    6. A space-saving outlet shelf that'll give you a place to put your small devices, so they don't get wet. It holds up to ten pounds and has a built-in cable slot, so your cords don't get twisted.

    7. A transparent shower curtain with nine mesh pockets for all your small bathroom items like soap bars, loofas, and razors. It's a great way to free up space on your shower caddy or bathroom counter!

    A plastic shower curtain with nine pockets on it The pockets are different sizes and have different items like a loofah, beauty products or towels inside.

    8. A set of shower curtain clips that'll create a perfect seal to keep water from splashing onto the floor and cold air from getting in. The adhesive is incredibly strong and will attach to any smooth surface.

    9. A deep-cleaning Waterpik that's perfect for anyone who's really into their dental hygiene. This game-changing device will gently (but effectively) wash plaque and food out of your teeth and gums, and leave you with a million dollar smile.

    10. A smart-cleaning electric toothbrush that will revolutionize the way you brush your teeth. It senses when you’re brushing too hard and has a built-in timer that reminds you to move on to another area of your mouth every 30 seconds.

    An electric toothbrush placed on a round base

    11. A clever drain cover that’ll keep water from escaping your tub when you’re having a bath. The ring of suction creates a perfect seal around the overflow drain, transforming your regular tub into the deep-soaking bathtub of your dreams!

    A round plastic cover placed over an overflow drain in the bathtub

    12. An over-the-door rack that’ll give you space to store all your wet towels. And it has a set of small hooks to hang your bathrobe or clothes, so you don't have to leave them on the counter or toilet lid.

    A multi-tiered shelf hanging over the bathroom door with towels and a bathroom hanging from the shelves

    13. A shower squeegee that'll remove water from the shower walls to prevent water spots, soap scum, and mildew from building up. It comes with a suction cup hook, so you can hang it on the wall for easy access.

    A shower squeegee hanging from a suction cup hook on a bathroom wall The handle is shaped like a person

    14. A toilet paper dispenser that'll store and conceal your entire supply in plain sight. Plus, it has a simple and minimalist design, and you can use the space on top for extra storage.

    15. Or a toilet paper holder that'll save floor space because it clips over the tank. It's a great alternative if you don't have a lot of space in your bathroom, and reviewers say it'll hold large rolls of toilet paper.

    16. A cute silicone comb that'll deep clean your hair and massage your scalp without harming hair follicles. The flexible bristles works the shampoo into your hair and lifts dirt, dandruff, and dead cells from scalp at the same time, making it easier and faster to wash your hair.

    17. A roll of reusable paper towels that you can use over 120 times before you throw them away. They're made of bamboo, making them incredibly durable and absorbent, and you can wash them by hand or pop them in the washing machine when they get dirty.

    18. A pack of silicone cleaning swabs that you'll never have to throw away. You can use them to clean your ears or apply and remove makeup, and when you're finished, just use soap and water to clean them. They also come with a small storage box, so you can take them with you anywhere.

    A oval-shaped case with a two cotton swabs inside

    19. An organic body scrub that'll reenergize your skin and soul with a blend of Arabica coffee, sweet almond oil, and vitamin E. You'll fall in love with the scent and grainy texture of this exfoliant, and it's gentle enough to use anywhere on your body.

    A bag of body scrub lying open on a table with a pile of coffee beans next to it

    20. A bamboo bathroom tray that'll make your next bath feel extra luxurious. It'll keep all your creature comforts close by with a waterproof cloth stand to prop up your book, tablet, or eReader, and two built-in cup holders for a wine glass, coffee mug, or small candle.

    21. A box of beautiful bath bombs, because you believe no bath is complete without them. Each bath bomb will fill your tub with a blend of fruity and floral scents and a mix of essential oils to help you relax.

    A cardboard box filled with twelve bath bombs

    22. A small drainer protector that'll catch stray hairs before they slide down the pipes. This genius tool will save you from a clogged drain and the disgusting chore of having to remove hair from it.

    23. A super-tiny beauty spatula that'll help you get every last drop of your beauty products out of the bottle. The flexible silicone head and long, narrow handle can fit into your favourite makeup and skincare bottles. And when the containers are cleaned out, they're in the perfect condition to be recycled!

    24. A heat-resistant mat on which you can rest your hairstyling tools, so you don't burn your counter or other surfaces. It's made of flexible silicone and has raised ridges to prevent tools from slipping.

    25. A shower caddy that's made of rust-proof silicone, so the shelves will stretch to fit all your bathroom products. It has two sturdy mounting hooks that can hang on your shower head or curtain rod, and it has four small hooks on the sides to hang small items like a bath sponge.

    26. A set of floating shelves that'll help you utilize extra wall space if you don't have room for a traditional shelf. You can install them pretty much anywhere in the bathroom to store essentials or display your favourite skincare items.

    27. A beard bib that'll collect all your hair trimmings and make cleanup an absolute breeze. The ends stick to the mirror with suction cups and there's a built-in tray to hold your grooming tools.

    A person wearing a long bib around their neck The ends are attached to a mirror with suction cups

    28. A pair of microfibre slippers that'll make cleaning your floors easier and WAY more entertaining. They're soft enough that you can use them on any floor, and they're reusable, so once you're done cleaning, you can throw them in the wash.

    29. A small basin, if you just want to wash a couple of things and don't have enough stuff to do a full load of laundry. It has handles on the sides, so you can transfer it from the sink to the counter. There's also a plug at the bottom that'll drain the water once you're done.

    30. And a bottle of plant-based laundry soap that's formulated to be used when you wash your clothes by hand. Just add a capful of soap to a basin of water and let the garments soak for 15 minutes.

    A bottle of laundry soap with a bunch of flowers and fruit placed artfully around it

    31. A razor holder that'll stick to the wall, so your shower caddy doesn't get overcrowded. You can even use them on your mirror to free up space on your counter.

    A razor hanging from a small hook on a bathroom wall

    32. A sturdy toothbrush holder that can fit both manual and electric toothbrushes and all your small bathroom accessories, without tipping over. Its minimalist design and compact shape will complement the rest of your bathroom decor and save space, too!

    A square-shaped toothbrush holder with four slots sitting on a bathroom counter Two slots have electric toothbrushes in them and one has a tube of toothpaste

    33. A microfibre towel that'll absorb water faster from your hair than a traditional towel does. It's also extra gentle, so your hair is safe from breakage, split ends, and frizz. Just wrap up your hair like you normally would and prepare to be amazed.

    A person wearing a fluffy towel around their head

    34. An acrylic dispenser that'll organize your cotton pads and keep your counters looking clean and tidy. It also has a cutout on the side that makes it easy to remove the cotton pads.

    35. A comfy spa pillow that'll support your neck and back as you enjoy a hot bath. It has four suction cups on the back that stick to any surface and is made with a mesh material that allows water and air to pass through quickly, making it a quick-drying and antimicrobial pillow.

    36. A non-slip bath mat with a colourful polka dot design. The mat is reinforced with powerful suction cups to keep the mat from moving, creating a safe, slip-free bathtub that everyone can enjoy.

    37. And a plushy mat that'll make kneeling by your bathtub WAY more comfortable. It has a cute design and a non-slip material covering the back that'll keep it from moving. And there's a strap on the side, so you can hang it up when it gets wet.

    A person kneeling on a cushy mat in front of a bathtub

    38. A hair tool organizer that'll keep all your styling tools in the same place. It's heat resistant, so you can stash your tools in the holder right after you use it. It also has a basket in the back to keep stray cords from hanging out, and a hook that you can use to hang it from a towel bar or cupboard door.

    A plastic storage organizer with three slots hanging from a towel rack in the bathroom In one slot is a hair straightener, in another is hair dryer and in the last one is a curling iron

    39. A three-tiered shelf that'll fit perfectly over your toilet to save space and make more room to store your bath products. Reviewers say it's incredibly sturdy and easy to put together.

    A multi-tiered shelf placed over a toilet The shelves are filled with beauty products aand toilet paper

    40. A pair of cleaning brushes that'll remove the grout and grime that builds up around your shower tiles, and bathroom and kitchen sinks. They’re made with extra-durable nylon bristles that won’t weaken or wear out over time, so you can finally stop using your old toothbrushes to reach those hard-to-clean spots.

    41. A daily shower cleaning spray that'll prevent soap scum from building up on your walls and bathtub. Use it after every shower and then walk away. There's no need to scrub, rinse, or wipe!

    A bottle of cleaning spray

    42. A power scrubber that has an extendable arm, so you don't have to bend over to clean your tub or to get to those hard to reach places. It's also a great cleaning tool for anyone who has mobility issues or back pain.

    43. A tube roller for your toothpaste that'll make it easier to squeeze the product out. It'll hold the tube upright, making it easier to organize your bathroom counter.

    44. A clarifying shampoo that'll detox your scalp from all the dirt, oil, and dry shampoo that's built up in your hair over the last few days. It works on all hair types, and using it just once a week will leave yours feeling soft and shiny!

    45. A bottle of citrus-scented toilet spray that'll make sharing a bathroom so much easier. Just a quick spritz is enough to trap odours in the toilet before they spread.

    A small bottle of toilet spray laying on top of dirt with lemons artfully placed around it

    46. And finally, a colourful plastic organizer that'll store all your makeup, jewelry, or office supplies. It might look tiny, but it has three spacious drawers and won't take up a lot of space on your counter or desk. Plus, it's super sturdy, so you can always stack things on top!

    You standing in your bathroom:

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