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    29 Downright Brilliant Products That Made Me Think, “Okay, Amazon”

    We love a good life hack.

    1. A 2-in-1 bag clip and measuring spoon that'll be the perfect accessory for your coffee bag. It'll help measure the right amount of coffee every time while keeping your coffee stash fresh.

    2. A multipurpose metal hook that'll keep you from touching shared surfaces like doors, elevator buttons, PIN pads, and ATMs. It's small enough to fit on your keyring or in your pocket, and it has a stylus tip, so you can even use it on devices with touchscreen.

    3. A plastic spout that'll fit right into the ring of your lid, so you can transform your Mason jar into a mess-free water bottle. Reviewers say it's also a great way to pour oil, sugar, and other jarred foods.

    A Mason filled with lemonade that has a spout attached to the lid

    4. An eco-friendly notebook that you can scan using the Rocketbook app to create digital copies of all your notes. The paper is reusable, so once you're finished with your notes, just wipe the paper with a damp cloth to erase everything.

    5. A pair of no-tie shoelaces that'll make putting on your running shoes a quick and easy process. They lock in place with a toggle stopper, so you can decide how loose or tight you want them.

    A person wearing running shoes with shoelaces that have a toggle

    6. A pack of acne patches that'll treat even the largest pimples overnight, so you'll wake up with clearer skin. They're lined with hydrocolloid to help draw out oil and bacteria, without irritating your skin.

    A person placing an acne patch on their face

    7. A glasses holder that'll keep you from dropping and losing your specs when you're not wearing them. It has a magnetic backplate, so you can attach it onto anything you're wearing.

    A pair of glasses hanging from a clip attached to a person's button up shirt

    8. An anti-chafe balm that'll help you keep your cool, even in the sweatiest situations. You can apply anywhere on your body where your skin rubs (like your neck, arms, and thighs) to prevent chafing and irritation.

    A person holding a deodorant stick in their hand

    9. An invisible bookshelf that'll fit on any wall in your home. The L-shaped shelf is easy to install and will help you utilize your extra wall space, if you don't have room for a traditional bookshelf.

    10. A bottle of Dawn dish spray that'll save you some time scrubbing hardened food off your pots and pans. It works without water, so you just have to spray, wipe, and rinse your dishes clean.

    A person spraying dish wash on their dirty dishes in the sink

    11. A clever drain cover that’ll keep water from escaping your tub when you’re having a bath. The ring of suction creates a perfect seal around the overflow drain, transforming your regular tub into the deep-soaking bathtub of your dreams.

    A round plastic cover placed over an overflow drain in the bathtub

    12. A pack of fertilizer spikes that'll give your plant babies a much-needed dose of nutrients, because they're looking a little sad these days. They're great for any indoor plants, and you'll only have to replace them once a month (or every two months during the winter).

    13. A pack of GoodHangups magnets that'll hang artwork, pictures, and other wall art, without damaging your walls like a traditional hook. The little stickers will adhere to any surface, so you have the freedom to place your art anywhere in your home.

    14. A little dip clip, so you can dunk your chicken nuggets in your sweet and sour sauce without making a mess. It has a flexible silicone clip that'll attach to any vent, and grooves along the inner edge that'll fit packets of different shapes and sizes.

    A picture of someone placing a container of BBQ sauce into a small holder attached to an air vent and another picture of someone dipping fries into the sauce

    15. A pack of bra extenders that'll give you a little extra breathing room. They're super easy to install, and they come in three neutral colours that'll probably match most of your bras.

    16. A bottle of scented toilet spray that'll make sharing a bathroom so much easier. Just a quick spritz is enough to trap unpleasant aromas in the toilet before they spread.

    natalie holding a spray bottle of wild pear poo-pourri

    17. An anti-fog cloth that'll keep your specs from clouding up while you're wearing a face mask. And you can use it on any glass surface (like your devices or mirrors) to remove dust and fingerprints, making it a handy product to keep with you all the time.

    The anti-fog cloth only used on one of the lenses of Kat's glasses, and the lens it was not used on is fogged up while the one is is used on is totally clear

    18. A wide roller stamp that'll cover all the private information on your papers and envelopes with a thick, dark ink. Now you can recycle your mail without worrying about of someone stealing your personal information. No shredder needed!

    19. A collapsible rack that'll hold all your makeup brushes while they dry. There are 28 holes of different sizes and they're lined with silicone so your brushes won't slip. And when you're done, the rack collapses into three flat pieces.

    A drying rack filled with makeup brushes

    20. An ice cube tray with a silicone lid that'll lock in water, so you can store it at any angle in your freezer. Plus, the lid and thick handles make it easy to stack on top of other things.

    21. A 2-in-1 water bottle and dispenser for your dog that you'll want to keep in your bag at all times. Just turn it on its side and push the button to fill the little bowl at the top. And when you're done, press the lock button to keep it from leaking.

    A dog drinking from a small water bottle with a bowl attached to the lid

    22. A sock organizer that'll keep you from losing another sock. Just attach your socks in pairs and use the adjustable slider to secure them. It'll hold both adult and kid socks, and it comes with a hook so you can hang it up in your closet for storage.

    A person in front of a washing machine and holding a long cable cord with loops that have multiple pairs of socks hanging from them

    23. A space-saving outlet shelf that'll give you a place to put your small devices, so they won’t get stepped on. It has a built-in cable slot to keep your cords from getting twisted.

    A phone and a tablet sitting on shelves above two electrical outlets.

    24. A set of oven liners that'll save you from having to clean your stove all the time. Just place one on your bottom rack and it’ll catch all the oil, grease, and food that spills over. You can also cut them to use in your toaster oven or microwave.

    An oven with a large thick mat on the bottom rack

    25. A smart funnel for your kitchen and bathroom that'll make it way easier to fill empty containers and transfer the last bit of product into a new bottle. It has clips on the top to hold the bottle upside down, so you won't have to stand there and hold it yourself.

    26. A facial roller that'll render your blotting sheets obsolete. The volcanic stone will help absorb excess oils on your skin, leaving you with a flawless matte finish. Plus, the rolling action will give your face a mini massage, which is always a bonus.

    A person rolls the facial roller over their face, leaving it looking smooth and oil-free

    27. A pack of air purifying bags that'll actually remove the stench from your sweaty clothes and shoes. They’re made with activated charcoal to absorb excess moisture and prevent mould and bacteria.

    A pair of running shoes with air purifying bags in them

    28. A small drain protector that'll catch stray hairs before they slide down the pipes. This genius tool will save you from a clogged drain and the disgusting chore of having to remove hair from it.

    29. And finally, a LifeStraw that'll come in handy if you spend a lot of time outdoors. It makes water drinkable by filtering 99.999999% of bacteria and parasites, so you can enjoy a refreshing drink of water while you hike, camp, or travel.

    You realizing how brilliant these products are:

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