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    28 Things That Are So Cute, I Can’t Even

    Cute is an understatement, TBH.

    1. An Oddish-shaped concrete pot that'll make your succulent look like the happiest plant baby around. You can also use it as a desk ornament in your office for small writing tools, like pens and pencils.

    A person's hand holding a small plant pot in the shape of a Pokemon Oddish

    2. A small purse that looks like an old-school boombox. It’s got enough space to carry your essentials, and it has a removable strap if you want to wear it like an over-the-shoulder bag.

    A rectangular-shaped bag with a handle on the top

    3. A pack of heart-shaped acne patches that'll treat your pesky pimples overnight, so you'll wake up with clearer skin. They're lined with hydrocolloid to help draw out oil and bacteria, without irritating your skin.

    A person with heart-shaped acne patches on their face

    4. A silicone skin that'll look dino-mite over your Airpod case. It has a little cutout at the bottom, so you can charge your case without taking off the skin.

    5. A pack of inflatable drink holders that'll keep your drink close while you're spending time in the pool. They're made of thick and durable plastic and they come with an air pump, so it'll only take a few minutes to blow them up.

    A bunch of small pool floaties with drink cans in them

    6. An animal-shaped ring holder that'll hold your favourite baubles. The shiny copper finish is easy to clean and makes it look more expensive than it is.

    7. A pack of tiny decals that'll give your nails an instant upgrade with very little effort. They come in different colours, shapes, and designs, so you can choose ones that complement your ever-changing style.

    8. A tissue box with a peachy pattern that'll actually match your home decor vibes. It has a removable lid, making it a breeze to refill.

    A tissue box on a wooden table

    9. A fruity lip balm with an adorable bunny-shaped lid that'll make you think of spring. It's made with vitamin E, so it feels more like a lip gloss than a traditional lipstick. Plus, it has a tinted finish that'll look like a natural stain on your lips.

    five tubes of lip balm in a row

    10. A hilarious pillowcase that'll thrill anyone who loves cats and puns in equal amounts. It'll brighten up your bedding with a little colour and make you laugh, too.

    A pillowcase with three illustrations of a cat as an avocado, cactus and taco

    11. A super-cute lady bug vaccum cleaner that'll suck up small crumbs and dirt on your table, desk, or counter. It only works on dry particles, but it'll be a great device to have in your office if you eat lunch at your desk.

    12. A small trinket dish in the shape of a flower that'll hold all your small jewels. Or you can keep it by the front door as a place to stash your keys, so you'll never forget where they are.

    A flower-shaped ceramic trinket dish with rings on it

    13. A hair clip that is so cute, it'll have you sea-ing stars. You'll feel like Ariel from The Little Mermaid every time you wear it, and the clip is pretty long, so you'll be able to secure a large section of hair.

    14. A corgi mouse pad that is just too cheeky for words. It'll add a little personality to your workspace, and it has a cushioned wrist rest that'll make using your mouse much more comfortable.

    15. A ceramic planter that'll become the perfect home for an itty bitty plant or cutting. The beautiful painting will remind you of the beautiful mosaic tiles seen in Portugal and Spain.

    A small plant pot on a wooden table

    16. A screaming goat that'll boost your mood when you're having a baaa-d day. When you press on it, the little goat will let out series of high-pitched bleats that are sure to make you giggle and distract you in the best way.

    A plastic goat on a small tree trunk There's a pocket-sized book beside it

    17. A pair of huggie hoops with little heart pendants that'll add a little glam to your look. You can wear them alone, or stack them with your other studs to create a perfectly curated ear.

    A person wearing a huggie hoop and a stud earring in their ear

    18. A talking Good Advice Cupcake that'll spout sassy and inspirational words of wisdom at the touch of a button. It has eight hilarious catchphrases that'll improve anyone's mood, and comes with 48-page flip book full of adorable illustrations.

    19. A reusable shopping bag with an extra fruity pattern that'll help you cut down on how many plastic bags you use. It can hold up to 50 pounds and folds into a tiny square, so you can easily store it in your purse or backpack.

    A person holding a large shopping bag from their arm

    20. A pile of Animal Crossing stickers that'll add colour and personality to your laptop, phone case, water bottle and Nintendo Switch. They’re sun protected and waterproof, and the adhesive is strong enough to stick to just about anything.

    A person holding a sticker in their hand above a pile of other stickers

    21. A set of shiny clips that'll transform your sneakers from boring to bedazzling. They'll attach to your shoelaces, so you won't have to worry about damaging your footwear.

    Three jewel clips attached to the shoelaces on a running shoe

    22. A lip balm in the shape of your favourite fizzy drink. It's packed with natural and ultra-moisturizing ingredients like vitamin E and sweet almond oil. Your lips will be so soft, smooth, and hydrated after just a couple swipes of pop-flavoured balm.

    23. An animal-shaped door stopper that'll look like a little butler waiting for you by the door. It may look like a toy, but it's actually a cuter version of a simple wooden wedge.

    A dog-shaped door stopper holding open a door

    24. A mini waffle maker, because there's nothing better than having a stack of perfectly tiny golden waffles for breakfast. Its compact size makes it easy to store, especially if you live in a small space.

    A waffle in a small waffle iron

    25. A set of magical makeup brushes that are perfect for anyone who's obsessed with makeup and Sailor Moon. The soft brush hairs are made of synthetic fibres that'll glide over your skin for an even and flawless makeup application.

    A bunch of small makeup brushes on a wooden table

    26. A pretty ring that'll look like a chic lil' croissant on your finger. You can easily stack with your other jewels and it has such a classic design that you'll never get tired of wearing it.

    A person wearing two rings on their fingers

    27. A pack of gel pens with adorable cat faces on the lids. They have an ultra-fine tip and write like an absolute dream. Plus, the ink dries quickly, so they won't smudge or bleed on your paper.

    A small glass jar with five pens inside it The pens have little cat faces on the lids

    28. And finally, a lil' stuffed animal that's filled with buckwheat and lavender to help you relax. You can throw it in the microwave or freezer to treat yourself to a hot or cold therapy session.

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